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Pumping Up the Heat with LORAC Hollywood Heat

Besides palettes, I like to buy makeup sets because the colors are well-coordinate and often time they are cheaper than buying each product individually. So far the best set I've ever bought is LORAC Hollywood Heat and I love each and every bit of it!

The kit consists of 4 products: Bronzed Bomshell eyeshadow trio (full size), Hot and Spicy blush and bronzer duo (mini size), mocktail lip gloss in Tropical dream (mini size), and a travel size bottle of TANtalizer body bronzing luminizer. All of the products are wrapped in a nice leather makeup bag. Created by Carol Shaw to create a sun-kissed glow, this set is what she uses on Hollywood celebrity on Red Carpet events.

L-R: TANtalizer bronzer, Mocktail lipgloss in Tropical,
Hot and Spicy duo, Bronzed Bombshell trio

The Bronzed Bombshell eyeshadow trio perhaps is the most valuable assest of this kit. It's a full size item which is sold at $26 USD by itself at Sephora. This trio has nice, bronzy colors that complement each other very well. The colors are very pigmented and velvety, makes blending a very enjoyable activity. Although I have a lot of the brown and neutral colors, this trio is not something redundant in my stash. It also comes with a mirror s

The Bronzed Bombshell eyeshadow trio

A swatch of the trio
I don't know why Picassa likes to put my picture side way once in a while!

My rating: A+ for the Bronzed Bombshell!

The Hot and Spicy blush and bronzer duo is something interesting to me. First of all, I quit using bronzers for about 4 years already so I did not enjoy buying a kit with a bronzer. However, as the whole is more enjoyable than each part, I purchased anyways and to my surprise, I actually like both of them.

Hot is a peachy pink blush color that gives me that glow like I just did...ahem...cardio exercises. Although my favorite cheek color is pink, this peach blush is very flattering and gives me a natural glow. Gotta love it! Spicy, on the other hand, is a non-shimmering bronzer so I pretty much use it to contour my face. Both of these colors are very soft and pigmented. They glide on like silk and stay on for a long time.

The Hot and Spicy duo. They should name it "Hot and Heavy" ;)

A swatch of the Hot and Spicy duo on the right, TANtalizer on the left (talk about it later!)

My rating: A+ for the duo being fabulous!

Mocktail lip gloss in Tropical is as cute as a candy! I'm serious, this thing in the mini size is as small as a candy, and it smells like one too! The color complements Hot blush very well as they are peachy pink. However, when it is applied to my lips, this lipgloss just disappear but it is very moist and feels nice to my lips. On the day I had the picture taken, my lips were chapped but did they look like that in the picture? No! I actually like the squeeze applicator but do not love the brush, it's a bit scratchy to me.

It is very tiny, looks like my thumb finger is about 1/3 of the tube!

Close up shot at the brush applicator, it is kind of scratchy!

Lip swatch: this lip gloss is extrememly moisturizing to my lips although the pigmentation is low.
The color you see is the natural color of my lips

My rating: B+, points taken off on the scratchy brush applicator and low pigmentation. This lip gloss feels like a lip balm which is a plus; however as it is a lip balm, it is doomed to be sheer.

The last item on the kit is the TANtalizer body bronzing luminizer. To all of y'all out there: I do not enjoy or condone tanning as it is one of the most horrendous action one can do to his or her body. I do not go to the beach to get a tan and I do not lay around the pool for a tan either. And with all that said, I did not buy this kit for the TANtalizer.

However, this TANtalizer is the product I immediately felt giddy after opening it up! And you're rolling your eyes wondering why. I know, it's that good to make me feel like a lil' girl all over again. First of all, it smells awesome! Ms. Carol Shaw, if you read MMB, please put the smell of TANtalizer in a perfume bottle and sell. I promise I will buy! It's very yummy, part cupcake, part cocktail, part chocolate. After I applied it, I went around on my daily routine and found myself gnawing sniffing my hand all day. The smell is just addictive! Secondly, upon applying it to my leg, I all of the sudden felt like Gisele Bundchen. My legs were practically glowing at me in a very interesting way that I had to take a picture.

I did not apply TANtalizer on the upper area of the picture. You can notice the difference.
The skin with TANtalizer glows like mad!

Now I know all those Victoria's Secret angels' little secret: body bronzer! This TANtalizer, now the TANtalizer, made me feel and look instantly glamorous upon application. A little bit of it goes a very long way and it's also as moisturizing as heck! However, if you decide to apply it to your legs, exfoliate first. Otherwise it'll look patchy.

My rating: A++, an extra plus for making me fell like Giselle and my legs look like those of a VS Angel on the Christmas show.

Honestly, I don't think I will buy a body bronzer after this. Although this TANtalizer bottle is a travel size, it will last me a very long long time and the smell is just awesome!

Although the Hollywood Heat kit is marketed for the summer, I do strongly believe it can be used year round. The colors are flattering enough to be used for both day time and night time. Currently Sephora is selling it as a limited edition product and it's going fast so please run to your local Sephora and grab it! Fast! Or order online at At $35 USD for the kit, it's a very good quality set that will entertain you for a long time. I'm lovin' it, how about you?

Take care and have some TANtalizer in your life!

Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: some trivia for you guys

LORAC is "Carol" spelled backwards! And guess who Carol is? (hint: the makeup artist who created LORAC with the last name Shaw!)

My first purchase ever (!) from Sephora was a LORAC lipgloss. It was in a pot and I bought a brush to apply it. LORAC lip stuff is really moist!


  1. Hot and spicy is soooo pretty! I love the tip about the Lorac/Carol thing`

  2. Hi Jaimie,

    Yes, it is! "Hot" maybe is the new "Orgasm", I can see that. If you go to Sephora, please give it a try. I do love this kit very much!

  3. thanks for posting about this kit! looks like it'll give you that perfect glow!

  4. Hi Tokyostargirl,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. The Hollywood Heat kit is indeed very awesome. I love it so much and the makeup is very radiant.


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