Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dynamic Duo #1: MAC Margin and Maybelline Fresh Rose Blushes

Hi everyone,

I've interviewed many makeup artists lately and they all said the same thing: when it comes to blush, use at least 2 colors. I am a monochrome kinda gal when it comes to blush but it took a bit of coaxing from a Bobbi Brown makeup artist to make me realize the importance of using 2 blushes. You look more natural, that's all!

Both Margin and Fresh Rose blushes are gifts, one from MAC team and another from my mom. Margin (the one on the left) doesn't look much in the pan. It looks like dirt with shimmer. My initial reaction was, "That's it?" and I pretty much did not have so much hope for it. But when I came home and applied it on my cheeks, wowza! It is this very light and fresh peachy color with a nice sheen, not too much shimmers to make your cheeks look all disco-ball but just a nice sheen.

Maybelline Fresh Rose on the other hand is just what it is: a nice rosy matte pink color. It's quite dry, not as soft and buttery as Margin when dusted on my cheeks. But since it is free and the color build-up is lovely, I've been using it non-stop.

And here's the trick to get the best blushing cheeks ever:

1. You need 2 colors: a lighter one to apply all over your cheeks and a brighter one to apply just on the apple of your cheeks. Depending on your skin tone, they can be either pink or peach. You can mix and match peach with pink like I do but if you want to be safe, just use 2 colors in the same family (warm or cool.)

2. With a fluffy blush brush, apply the lighter color all over your cheeks. Remember to smile!

3. Then, with a smaller blush brush with the size of the head a tad bigger than a quarter, brush the brighter blush just on the apple of your cheek. If you don't know what it is, smile and see the fleshiest part of your cheeks that protrude up on your face. You apply very lightly, skimming the bristles on your skin, not pressing the brush down at all.

4. Then, use the bigger blush brush and lightly blend everything together.

The reason I love Margin so much is the sheen: I don't have to use a highlighter at all. However, if you are around the NC-25 area like me, this is a tricky blush to use. You don't seem to notice it when you apply, but it is there bright and clear when your face is on film. I was a little bit heavy-handed with Margin before I went to an event and seriously, I looked like I was drunk. So, lesson learned: a little bit of blush goes a looong way. And also, blend well!

With love,
Dao xoxo

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