Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So You Think You Can Have Eyelash Extensions

Hi everyone,

As an Asian girl with sparse and straight eyelashes, I am constantly trying to improve my lash line. From hot lash curlers to volumizing mascaras to fiber extensions, I have done it all. But not until before Lunar New Year that I did manage to try the creme de la creme of eyelash beautification: eyelash extensions!

Now, I have heard people raving and ranting about this in both directions. One of the bloggers out there (Xiaxue) confessed to have done this many times over. From her experience, it is a time-saver, especially during the holiday seasons. And I have to admit that was the catch: LNY can be hell with endless trips all over the city. On top of that, I had to wake up really early and look decent for photos, too. The less time I had to spend on myself means more time I got to sleep. So off to the salon to get eyelash extensions I did.

Eyelash extensions in Vietnam range from $10-25 USD, depending on the type of false lashes and glue. The good glues tend to hold up better while the good lashes can be really thin and don't weigh your real lashes down. The place I did my eyelash extensions is in the neighborhood. I spent $17 for the initial application and $8 for the touch-up and that was without tips.

The process was painstakingly long and you can't see a thing. The lash extension lady put tape around my lower lash line to prevent glue from sticking to my skin. Then, she combed my lashes before applying false lashes to my real ones. Each strand is made either of silk or synthetic materials and they are very black. Since my lashes are short and thin, the lady applied 2-3 false lashes to each real one and the lengths are a tad longer than the real deal. I did not time the process but it was long and sometimes uncomfortable. Once she finished applying the lashes, I slowly opened my eyes.

And it burned!

The fume from the glue really hurt my eyes. I started to tear up a bit, which was a big no-no since she tried to leave the area as water-free as possible. She did some touch-ups to areas that looked sparse and off I went.

I believe those pictures were taken a few days after I did my eyelash extensions. The lady did a good job covering the scar on the lash line of my left eye (which is the right picture.) I was happy for a day or two.

But then, things began to fall apart. Lashes began to drop down like they're hot. Although the lady told me I could keep my extensions for up to 3 weeks, I saw about 50% lash loss after only 1 week!

I had to do a touch-up and I got ripped off for it!

Instead of the lady who did the first application, I was sent to a guy. This guy kept on complaining of how difficult it is to work around the scar on my lash line. Then, he wanted to take everything apart, which would make me spend fresh money on a new application again instead of a touch-up. Then, he even managed to complain of how oily my skin was (bitch, please!)

The touch-up usually costs $5. He charged me $8 because "Oh, your lashes were so difficult to work with!" I had to bite down and spend my hard-earned money, which was not that big of a problem had it not been gone hand in hand with his attitude.

The second time around, it was downright painful. I kept it for maybe another week and removed it all with baby oil. And concluded that I was ripped off because another place only charged $10 for the first application and the hair salon that I went charged the same price but they used better lashes that would not leave me feel a thing! On top of that, they guarantee the extensions to last to a month because their glues are better.

I felt like being duped. And on top of that, eyelash extensions can be a nuisance because:
  • You can't wash your eyes with water because it will unglue the lashes
  • You can't use mascaras, especially waterproof because it will unglue the lashes
  • You have to keep eye makeup to the minimum because makeup removers will unglue the lashes
  • You can't rub your eyes because it will unglue the lashes
In short, I was glad to remove those false lashes with baby oil and be done with it. Although I didn't experience real eyelash loss, it was an annoying feeling to have something unnatural on top of your lashes. 

Would I do it again? 
No. I'd rather stick to mascaras and false eyelashes.At least I don't have to listen to a guy who complains about everything and anything.

How about you? Have you done eyelash extensions?

With love,
Dao xoxo


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