Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Channeling My Inner Diva (or How I Forgot Halloween!)

Hi everyone,

The other day, I drove around and noticed some costume sales. It took me a couple of red lights to realize Halloween is at the end of this month and I have done diddly squat to prepare for it. To think about it, I have been busier than ever. The only time I was this busy was when I wrote that thesis to push myself out of grad school. But even with that, I did remember about Halloween.

But I'm not complaining. More things for me to do mean more money coming in at the end of the year. It also means people trust me enough to give me things to do. Just to remember not so long ago I was bouncing from one interview to another without landing anything gives me a shudder.

In my head, I was planning to do a Halloween look with some rhinestones gluing onto my face. But as I said, my timing was wrong and I ended up being supremely divalicous to myself. And please don't ask me how I did my makeup. I had no clue! This is a mix of Mariah Carey's hair in Honey, Katy Perry with her bright lips, and some K-Pop star eye makeup. I only had sunscreen and some powder on my face that day, btw :)

I did some mild facial and nose contouring. For the eyes, there was a mix of browns and purple blended out really well before I applied false eyelashes. I highlighted the inner corner of my eyes and the lower lash line with a champagne eye shadow. This is a highlighting trick Korean pop stars use on their eyes. It totally works as my eyes look huge!

If I used a primer and liquid foundation that day, it would probably ended up looking more K-Pop than this. But I do consider this a trial run in case I decide to do a real Korean pop star makeup look one day :)

Huge eyes at every angle, wow!
Close-up on the eye
This is probably the most unhelpful close-up picture ever.
Everything is so nice and muted that you can hardly see anything!
What I did on the eyes:

  • Applied a light brown cream eye shadow as a base on the eyelids, MAC Bare Canvas (light pink champagne-ish color) underneath the brows to highlight
  • Smudged out a soft liner near the lash line to darken it
  • All the eye shadows I used have some sort of shimmers in them. I applied an inky purple eye shadow from the outer corner into 2/3 or the eye, then applied dark brown on the crease, blended out with a light brown color until they all look nice and natural and shimmery
  • Highlighted underneath the brow bone with a shimmery champagne color, then applied the same color to the inner corner of the eyes and to the lower lash line. Don't be afraid if you can see a really pale line on your lower lashes. It's supposed to look like so!
  • Mascara-ed up, line your eyes, and applied falsies.
Lips: bright pink lipsticks à la Katy Perry :)

Hair: curled up and tied to the side.

Then, you can totally sass people and demand things to be done your way. Yup, the divalicious act is good for a Halloween night!

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Dao xoxo

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