Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Product Alert: Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin

Hi everyone,

Guess what? I have another first: the first time I get to receive a product before it launches, yes! Can I have the highest of five, por favor?

Very recently, the kind folks at Shu Uemura Vietnam sent me a bottle of their newest product called TSUYA Skin. It is going to be launched on September 15th but I got a hold of it already! As a blogger, this is a dream comes true.

I felt so emotional the moment I took out the bottle of TSUYA skin. The whole thing is soooo beautiful! It felt heavy in my hand and the white outer layer of the bottle has an opalescent that reminds me of mother of pearls. I cracked open the dropper part and gasped! The liquid inside is even more beautiful!

Pardon my camera and bad weather but each drop looks like tiny beads of pearls! It reminds me of Strobe Cream but TSUYA Skin has more complexity in it. I applied 2 drops on my clean skin and it smells exactly like Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods, which is a little strange for a skincare product from Shu Uemura. This scent, I believe, is from the Enju flower, which is known for its longevity and is an inspiration for TSUYA Skin.

In Japanese, the term for perfect skin is tsuya. Shu Uemura has done so many years of research and found out rhamnose, a sugar molecule found in human skin, functions as a cellular receptor to regulate skin healing and regeneration. When I took Cell Biology, we learned briefly about cell-cell communication and cellular receptors. At that time, my professor mentioned an immense application of this technology towards everyday life. And then, when I took Carbohydrate Biochemistry, we learned about rhamnose. Little did I know back then that a few years later I would be holding a bottle of products that merges the two things I learned! As a former biochemistry major, this took me by surprise and I was very excited!

The two main purposes of TSUYA Skin are to strengthen the inner skin structure and to restore the light for overflowing perfect skin. They even promise that you will see results in as little as 7 days.  Currently, I am sandwiching it between the Kurahito lotion and cream. It calms my skin while allowing moisture to penetrate even more. Right now, I am on day 3 and let me tell you this: my skin is a lot softer today than it was 3 days ago. A lot of the rough spots I have tried to exfoliate are gone! On top of that, it tends to retain moisture a lot better as well. Also, last night I caught my own reflection in the bathroom mirror and I was surprised to see a fairy-like ethereal glow. Just think of how moonlight bounces off your skin and that was how it looked last night!

I was floored!

Seriously, I'm not that young anymore. Even in my teens, my skin didn't even glow like that! Maybe before I hit puberty that my skin had that kind of characteristic. And I saw it only after 2.5 days! Wow! I know this may have something to do with those opalescent pigments in this serum but I only used 2 tiny green bean-size droplets, come on! We all know how good Shu Uemura products are but this is in the upper echelon of ridiculously good, it's insane!

Price-wise, I heard somewhere on the interwebz that it's going to cost you $108 USD. I know it's expensive and we're still in recession and all but believe me, this is money well spent. Shu Uemura is the only company I've ever tried that does not disappoint me at all. I know their products are expensive but it's so worth it. If you can score a sample to try, I would say go for it.

Thank you, Shu Uemura, for sending TSUYA Skin to me. I am going to try it for 30 days before doing a complete review. Please consider this a teaser and I can't wait to report back after 30 days.

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With love,
Dao xoxo

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