Thursday, July 26, 2012

Under the Rock

Hi everyone,

This week has been intense, yo! Monday morning came and I got this email from the boss that completely changed my plan. Just like that, all the things I wanted to do for this week went out of the window so I could concentrate on doing this one task and one task only. I felt like being back in grad school writing my thesis. So stressful!

I know I promised to write about my trip to Shu Uemura counter this week. But right now, I can't! I have to move it to next week because that post deserves a decent write-up.

Now, I'm leaving you here with some food picture as a consolation prize. Please don't be mad at me!

Lotus stem salad 
Vietnamese spring rolls :9
This picture makes me drool!
Prawn crackers!!!
 Here are some food pictures I took while I visited China last year. I forgot to blog about my trip to China at all! Maybe I'll do that in another day.

(L) Steamed buns; (R) Congees
My first day in China. We stayed 1 night in Dong Guang and left early to go to Guangzhou
Breakfast buffet bar.
Apparently, Chinese people eat a hearty breakfast. The first day I was there, I could not eat a lot but then I got used to it.
People in the same tour with me.
Can you spot the bacon?
In Beijing
Those are not real food. They are keychains with miniature bowls of soups.
Each cost $1 I think.
Still in Beijing
Peking duck!
This is a very spicy chicken dish. My table gobbled it down in less than 5 minutes!
In Hanzhou
Beggar's chicken
It's chicken cooked in a bag. Very moist and delicious!
Trout from the famous West Lake
Su Dongpo's pork
It tasted pretty much like Vietnamese caramelized pork to me.
 Back to Vietnam, precisely my birthday from last year :)

I love noodle this dish: it's a combination of a lot of things and you put coconut milk and sauce on top before you eat.
The bowl in the front is shredded pork, btw :)
Shrimps and steamed fish cake
(Back): Longans, lychees; (front): langsat
That's all for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'll be back next week with some makeup reviews and stories :)

Dao xoxo

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