Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Mineral Cosmetic Company: Pink Blossom Cosmetics

Hi everyone,

In February, Lilly Yang, the owner of Pink Blossom Cosmetics, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to review some products from her mineral makeup line. As a mineral makeup lover, I jumped into the bandwagon and after some emails, Lilly sent me a package to Vietnam! I appreciate that she took a risk to send her products because at that time, Pink Blossom Cosmetics only served domestic customers. Lucky for us, the transition time was short and I received the package about 2 weeks later.

Lilly was generous to send me 4 full-size eye shadows and 2 samples in clam shells. The packaging was beyond gorgeous as the products were housed in a beautiful box that I get to keep for display in my vanity table.

The box plus full-size eye shadows I received
The full-size eye shadows

Size comparison: full-size (left), sample (right)
 The full-size eye shadow is housed in your typical 5-gram jar with shifter inside and contains about 1.5 grams of material  whereas the sample has 1/8 teaspoon of mineral product in a clam shell pod. The full-size product is priced at $5 USD and the sample costs $1 UDS a pod.

The samples I got are Shimmering Sapphire and Jaded Away
See how finely milled they are
The swatch
(L-R): Chocolate Brown, Chocolate-tier, Sultry Taupe, Pink Blossom, Jaded Away, Shimmering Sapphire
 Here are the breakdown of the colors:

  • Chocolate Brown: this is the most pigmented color of the bunch. It's a matte brown color that can be used as an eyeliner and eye shadow. You only need to use a tiny bit of it as it is extremely pigmented
  • Chocolate-tier: this is a shimmering brown eye shadow with a touch of taupe. At first, I thought it would be darker than Chocolate Brown but it is actually lighter and sheerer.
  • Sultry Taupe: I wanted to try a taupe color as I pretty much don't have a lot of luck with it. However, Sultry Taupe does not have a lot of purple as it veers more toward pink and brown. It is shimmery and sheer like Chocolate-tier and reminds me a lot of MAC Shroom and Stila Kitten. In fact, it might be a darker cousin of the later one.
  • Pink Blossom: this is a color I specifically request since it is a multi-use pigment. I tried it as a lip, eye, and cheek color and it worked well. This is a shimmery hot pink pigment and like the other ones with the same texture, it is sheer but has stronger pigmentation than the other two.
  • Jaded Away: is is a light green pigment with yellow shimmer. I was interested in colorful pigments to try at this was one that I like. It is very flattering and not so colorful since it is not a loud color. Like Pink Blossom, I like that it has more pigmentation than the neutral colors I tried.
  • Shimmering Sapphire: while it looked dark and shimmery, Shimmering Sapphire is a matte dark blue pigment with micro-glitters so fine that you almost don't feel it. It reminds me of MAC Flashtrack.

The biggest surprise I got out of these pigments is its clinging power. After I did the swatch, I wiped arm with a piece of dry tissue and look at the result:

The thing did not come off completely! Then, I washed it with water and still saw some residues. Only after I washed the swatch with soap that the colors completely went away. To those who are afraid that mineral makeup might bleed or migrate, fear no more. The pigments from Pink Blossom Cosmetics did not budge when I wore them.

The ingredients are labelled in each jar or pod and if it is not lip safe, it would be stated so there. Also, the ingredients are pretty straightforward (mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate for more binding power.) Out of six, only Pink Blossom and Chocolate Brown are safe to use everywhere on the face where the other four are not lip safe. These pigments do not contain dyes or bismuth oxychoride, which makes my skin itch.

While it's nice that Lilly offered generous size and relatively inexpensive samples, I do find the clam shells to be hard to close. When I close them, pigments that are around the rim tend to fly out. Also, when I open them, I have to be careful not to overextend the halves of the shells so I don't lose pigments, either.

I'm so thankful that I got a chance to review this new mineral makeup company. Right now, Lilly does ship internationally. She also has a blog and Facebook page for Pink Blossom Cosmetics that you can come and read more about her company.

Disclaimer: I received the products from Pink Blossom Cosmetics to review. This review is not paid and the opinions are my own.

That's all for now. I hope you will support Pink Blossom Cosmetics.

Dao xoxo

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