Monday, March 19, 2012

Upping the Ante

Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the encouraging words during my fitness journey. They mean a lot to me. If you guys are following me via Twitter (and you should!), you probably notice that I have tweeted a lot about fitness recently. I was surprised that not only my Twitter people are still following me but my tweets inspire them to start exercising (well, at least one person that I know for sure!) And guess what, that makes me happy! I know to start exercising is not easy. I tried so many times in the past but I failed. This time around, I have the people and the tools to make it happen and only time can tell how far I can go.

The dumbbells, my shoes, plus a mat for my knees
During the weekend, I decided to get some extra weights. The usual 2kg hand weights (the red ones) are too easy for me. I can barely feel anything and I want my arms to burn, yo! So, I went out and bought 2 extra pairs of dumbbells: a pair of 3kgs and another pair of 4kgs. They look bulky because they are filled with sand instead of made out of iron. The iron weights are muy muy muy expensivo. I could not afford them at all!

Also, exercising did pay off. Here is a picture of moi after 2 weeks of P90X:

Can you see my cheekbones? I was surprised of how prominent they are. This picture was taken after a party so my lipstick was gone. I was full and tired but look at them cheeks! This is something I used to try at various angles back in the days. But now they're here! Just for vanity reasons, P90X works and it works so well that I don't regret all the sweats I've been shedding at all!

Also, an extra bonus: look at my skin. This is the closest to bare skin I can give you. I only used a thin layer of powder foundation, that's all.

I found this online today. It's a workout sheet for P90X and Insanity straight from the Beach Body website. I have an ambition to do Insanity by the end of this year and let's pray that things are going well because I really want to do this hybrid workout after that. This time next year, I'm going to finish this hybrid workout for real =)

That's all for today, folks! I'm upping my ante. How about you?

With lots of fitness love,
Dao xoxo

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