Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dot, Dot, Dash

Hi everyone,

Lately, I've read a lot of awesome nail tutorials and they make me itch as I want to do something fancy for my nails. You see, besides the occasional glitter obsession, I'm kind of a one-color nail kind of girl. But with the dotting nail trend that has been blooming lately, I couldn't wait to bust out my fancy smancy dotting tool.

Fancy, I'm telling ya. On top of that, they are free. These are the pencils I collected during my trip to China last year. Before I started, I needed to calibrate my instrument (fancy way to say dotting the pencil on paper with nail polish.) Like this:

Then, I painted my nails with a base color, placed a dot of nail polish and do my first dotting to see how it goes. Sometimes, things can go really well on paper but in real life it looks like a disaster.

Well, so far so good. The dots looked round on the nails. So I went to town with it...maybe a little bit too much :)

See, told ya! This is a cornucopia of dots and colors. Please don't mind the scar on my ring finger. I had it a couple of days ago when I was playing with my brother.

I like the "designs" on these two fingers the most. They are not designs or anything. I just went wild with the color placement but they look nice here.

After the dots were dried, I placed a clear top coat and call it a day. The pencils are comfortable to use but you have to make sure to work fast before the nail polishes used to dot gets dry. Also, you can customize the diameter of your dotting tool by sharpening it to get a smaller tip or writing it a little bit to get a bigger one.

That's all for now, folks! I'm loving the dots so far and hopefully we can work this into a regular segment. What do you think about that?

With lots of nail love,
Dao xoxo

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