Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Party Perfect Makeup

Hi everyone,

I just came back from the party and I have to say: it was a success! The food was delicious, the party was fun, and most importantly, my makeup was perfect! All that prep work was not wasted because not only I finished applying my makeup before the allotted time, it also came out a lot better. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures but that's fine. I intend to do a tutorial on this look anyways.

With all that said, I came back with a few tips to share with y'all just in case you have an event to attend in the near future.

1. Prime, prime, prime!

I don't care who told you otherwise but my secret to having a perfect makeup look is the primers. For my eyes, I use either MAC paint pots (Bare Canvas or Painterly) or Urban Decay Primer Potion. Both are great to keep the shadows intact but UDPP seems to be friendlier toward nude shades. For my face, I use Mentholatum Acnes Oil Solution gel and my mineral foundation does not melt at all. In fact, it looked even better than when I just applied it as the foundation got time to bond with the primer.

2. Demi lashes rock!

Actually, this pair of Shisem Mild & Smooth Touch demi lashes is awesome! Since it is not a full pair, I don't need to trim it. Also, the lashes flair out at the end to add a romantic touch to the eyes. Although I usually do not wear false lashes, going to a party justifies the need for that. The length of this pair is about the same with mine and it blends really well with my real lashes. Unless you stand really close to me, you can't tell if them lashes are mine or not. On top of that, demi lashes are more comfortable to wear than full ones. I am going to hunt for a few more pairs just in case.

3. When in doubt, go with neutral eyes:

For a while, I was all about colors, colors, colors. Of course, colors are fun and I love them. But after today, I have to rethink about that. I saw a couple of gorgeous women at the party wearing gorgeous dresses. However, they seemed to look out of place because of their over the top eye makeup. Since the makeup did not go with the outfit, it made the whole thing look tacky.

However, neutral eye makeup can go with everything and if you buff the right beige on your eyes, it's going to look very romantic. Have you wonder why celebrities walk the red carpet with neutral eye makeup? It's because they know.

That's all for now, folks! The tutorial is up tomorrow so stay tuned for it. I guess by now, y'all don't even need to read the tutorial to know what I did. The past few posts kinda filled in the blank already. But anyways, it's a fun look to do and I think lots of you are going to benefit out of it.

Stay tuned!
Dao xoxo


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