Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can You Tell I Fell for Pastel?

Hi everyone,

I haven't noticed I am in a pastel kick lately. Last week's nail polish was a pale pink and this week we have a muted lavender one (I almost type "nude lavender"! It's a reflex, people! It's a reflex!) The varnish du semaine is from Odessa, which I believe is a sub-branch of ATP (cue joke again, haha.)

Odessa lavender nail polish
I applied two coats of nail polish and put a top coat to seal them off
See how shiny it is? I have an awesome top coat, y'all!
Unlike the obnoxious pink nail polish I used before, this one is not a cream. It's your regular nail polish, no more, no less. It does not shine like the aforementioned pink one but it's not dull, either. The shine is more of a satin if that makes sense to you. To me, this nail polish has some versatility due to its lack of shine: you can put a blazing top coat like I did and make it shine until the cow comes home or you can use a matte top coat to mattify it. The later one I have yet to try but I predict some chic results.

The durability of this nail polish is the same as China Glaze: until you remove it, it will stay where you put it. As this is a cheaper Odessa nail polish, I was surprised at the durability. However, the cheaper price tag does come with a disadvantage: the brush is less stellar. I had to find a way to work around it to avoid streaks and as you can see, my finger nails are streak-free. Yay me!

While the formula does have a fine micro-sheen, it does not show in the end. I tried applying a thin coat and a thick coat to coax out the sheen with no avail. I guess this is a ghostly sheen after all.

Since nudes and pastels are in for 2012, I guess my recent obsession with them is not that off base. Usually, I don't follow trends and I wear whatever I feel like wearing. Surprisingly, I'm on-trend most of the times. The only time I did not was when black nail polishes became a rampage but that was easily mitigated.

How about you? Do you love a lavender nail polish like I do? Would you give it a try?

With love,
Dao xoxo

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