Monday, January 16, 2012

New Hair, New Hair!

Hi everyone,

Guess what? I got a new haircut like...a few weeks ago =)

I know, I'm late in updating this kind of thing and my actual hair is about an inch longer now but it's still better late than never, right? The last time I had a haircut was around the end of July, 2011 (around the time I did this FOTD.) I waited a good 5 month for my hair to grow out before getting a haircut. The previous haircut was more of a Rihanna hairstyle with the front longer than the back. As I grow it out, that style no longer works and the new guy who cut my hair decided to do the traditional layered look on me.

This is a funny looking but decent shot of moi sans makeup :) Believe it or not, I just woke up and realized my hair looked awesome so I snapped away some pictures. I know, I am vain galore!
But on the other hand, the lightning is awesome or not?
Another pic of me moving away from the camera, haha!
I decided to post it to show how awesome my skin is. Vain x2 :P
From now on, I guess I am not going to cut my hair every two months anymore. Since I cut my hair in August 2010, it was an excruciatingly slow process to grow it out. Why? Because I used to cut it every two months. Everytime I cut it, the hair dresser chopped at least 1/2 inch off, which means about half of what my hair had grown out was gone.

So, the wisdom of growing longer hair is quite simple: do not cut your hair as often! When you do, just trim a tiny bit at the end. In my case, the hair stylist did not take off the length at the end. He only corrected the layers and recut my bangs, which does change my face shape a little bit. I may go back to him again because he did my hair really well. It requires minimal styling and looks good even after a long night of sleep.

Hip-Hop Abs week 2 recap:

I didn't miss any workout, yay! Did all six of them. Also, I did the X-Stretch DVD from P90X, aka the mother ship of all workouts! There is a butt stretch in the X-Stretch DVD, which made my eyes go like this o_O when I heard about it but yes, it did stretch out my gluteal region :D

Also, I love this song:

I hope this song will make you feel pumped up and ready for the week ahead. Have you ever heard of Jin Akanishi? This is the first song I've heard from him but from what I found out, he is really big in Japan. I hope he is going to be known worldwide as well.

With love from your makeup addict friend,
Dao xoxo

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