Monday, November 28, 2011

A Serious Announcement

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Of all the holidays celebrated in the U.S, you know I miss Thanksgiving the most. I miss the turkey dinner as well as the craziness that Black Friday brought. I hope you guys had some good deals on Black Friday as well.

Lately, if you noticed, I did not post as regularly as I used to be. A couple of factors came together: I was moving from one place to another, the place we rented did not have internet, and on top of that, my personal life did not go as planned. All sort of troubles just came together as once and it took away my energy as well as my joie de vivre. A lot of times, I felt like I should stop blogging here altogether.

"Why bother," a voice inside my head said. "There are so many blogs out there better than yours. Your readers would be better off with them."

Another voice told me, "You will have sooo much free time when you quit makeup blogging. Just think about it!"

But then, there was this little voice that told me not to stop. "You'll regret it," it said.

And I listened to it. As seldom as it is now, I try to maintain this blog, try to post something so you guys won't forget me. Each time I wanted to quit, I was reminded of how and why I started My Makeup Blog at the first place. Of how far I've come since that day. Of how much I've changed because of it. And I can't quit.

With that said, sometimes I was discouraged by numbers: unique visitors, followers, page views, etc. Sometimes I felt like the efforts I put was not worth it and that discouraged me. But numbers are numbers, they don't tell me how you feel about this blog and the fact that there are still visitors despite my lack of posting is something I need to consider.

So, what is this announcement I am going to make?

After some soul searching for My Makeup Blog's future, I decided to have some major changes in the blog, starting 2012. I realized there are things I wanted to do for this blog but I did not get a chance and there are new things I would like to try as well. Also, I've noticed what worked and what not so I am going to make changes accordingly.

I can't tell you how it is going to be in 2012 though. You have to wait and see. In the meantime, I am going to keep the blog afloat as is until the end of this year and once 2012 kicks in, you will see the major switch.

As always, I want to thank all of you for sticking with me this long. I know it is unfair for you to wonder what is going on with this blog and now, I guess you know change is coming :)

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