Monday, October 17, 2011

Nghia O'Beauty Nail Polish in S030

Hi everyone,

Remember last Monday I posted about a haul with some nail polishes? Well, I got a chance to try the brown own from Nghia O'Beauty, a Vietnamese brand. In fact, Nghia is a famous company that produces cuticle nippers and nail clippers here. If you go to a nail salon in the U.S that's owned and operated by Vietnamese, chances are you already experienced Nghia hardware. I've used a German cuticle nipper and an American one before using Nghia and so far, Nghia is still the best.

Nghia O'Beauty (NOB) is the brand's nail polish, although the store I visited did sell a variety of brands from cheap to expensive. They also have OPI which surprisingly, is cheaper than in the U.S since they came from the way of Hong Kong. A bottle of NOB costs almost $1USD and has 10ml. The glass bottle is slim and the brush is really good. It kinda reminds me of the brush inside the Rimmel London nail polish bottle.

Nghia O'Beauty nail polish in S030
" How good is this nail polish?" I asked myself before buying it. Luckily, the store allowed me to swatch in store and I was impressed with the quality. It runs smooth and I only need one coat on my nail. Yup, the nail polish is smooth and pigmented.

S030 with Nubar 2010
Another shot at the nails :)
Since this color is just a basic brown, I decided to jazz it up with Nubar 2010.
As they say, everything looks good with a little bit of 2010 sprinkled on top.
Also, here's the thing about the pictures: I applied the nail polishes on Monday and took the pictures on Saturday. Yet, no chips or cracks or anything. Not even tip wear. Granted, I have good base and top coats but this is some serious nail polish! Not even OPI is durable as this. I can't help but think this is car paint kind of nail varnish that I bought because it does not come off unless I take it off my nails.

I'm glad that I bought this chocolate brown nail polish. In store, it is in the upper echelon of the Vietnamese-made nail polishes and this nail polish is so worth it. I would buy it again but Nghia O'Beauty seems to have conservative colors only.

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