Friday, October 7, 2011

Cheek Contouring: an Update

Hi everyone,

Instead of the weekly FOTD, I'd like to do a tutorial today. It feels like ages since I did one and frankly, I miss it. The last time I did a contouring tutorial was almost 3 years ago *gasp*! Things has changed since and I haven't been contouring my face the same way I did back then. One thing I noticed when I let my contouring line go deep into my face is how it looks in films.

It looks dirty. Like I had a beard or dirt on my face. Of course, everything looks nice and dandy in the mirror but once captured in film, the dirtiness shows. I read this in so many books. Bobbi Brown warned me about this in her books but I didn't listen. Why? Because I like to contour.

In color films, the dirtiness doesn't show as badly unless I use a really dark contour powder. But in black and why? Oh my!

I had to find a way to slenderize my face with makeup but without leaving the tell-tale dark beards under my cheeks. If you look at last week's FOTD, you'll be surprised at how natural my face looks. And yes, I did contour it.

So, how did I do it?

First of all, I use a different brush that's not a slanted cheekbone contouring brush like MAC 168. It is a fabulous brush if you want a sharp line but since my face is already round, using MAC 168 doesn't make my cheekbones look cut like those of an Eastern European model. Instead, I use a small round brush. The brush I use is EcoTools retractable face brush. Also, to have a softer and more natural contoured face, I use a bronzer that's a shade darker than my skin.

The brush and the bronzer

After applying blush and highlighter, I make a fish face and buff the bronzer in a circular motion. The placement chart should be like this:

Brown: bronzer; Pink: blush; Yellow: highlighter
Usually, I don't blend the three together. Maybe blush and highlighter but not blush and bronzer. If I do so, it would muddy up my blush and I don't like that. After that, I apply bronzer to the perimeter of my face and call it a day.

Now, I prefer this contouring method better. As you can see, the light hits and recedes in the appropriate places and there's no dark beard that hits my lips. Contouring is an advanced makeup technique and depending on the face structure as well as the makeup style that you should use the hard or soft contouring technique.

So, what do you think about this? How do you contour your face? I'd love to hear from you.

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