Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fitness Report #6

Hi everyone,

Last week, I hit an epiphany regarding fitness. Since I did not weigh myself the week before, I just assumed the workout routine as usual (more cardio with a touch of yoga.) Two weeks passed and guess how much weight I lost?

Two hundred freakin' grams!

Yeah, that's right. I lost less than half a pound. In two weeks. It tore me apart. It was not as if I was sitting idly and eating moon cake or anything. And by the way, the Autumn Festival just passed and so far, I have eaten half a moon cake.

I was doing all this and the scale just refused to move. It was a sad, sad day. I came home and felt like I should throw in the towel already. Why bother, right?

But again, that ain't me. I am not a quitter. I am a fighter. I have made a commitment to exercise for 100 days and I am going to stick to it. Scale, this is my warning: move the number down or I'm gonna smash you!

I gave myself some thought about this: why am I exercising? Am I doing it for my own health or for the vanity of seeing the number getting smaller on the scale?

And the answer came to me: I do this for me. And I'm not going to compare myself against anybody, including my old past record. I used to lose 5 lbs a month but that was years ago. I am not that same person anymore but persistence always pays off. One step at a time. Also, I was PMS-ing and that may affect my weight loss.

Here is how week 6 went:

  • Monday: Activate                                            40 min
  • Tuesday: walking + 30 day shred                     40 min
  • Wednesday: yoga+ walking                             1hr 20 min
  • Thursday: break
  • Friday: yoga conditioning                                 50 min
  • Saturday: gym                                                 1 hr
  • Sunday: gym                                                    50 min
Total amount of time: 5 hours and 20 minutes.

I actually exercised 6 days a week last week and it was not pretty. It was a bit tiring not to have the second day off. I found myself reaching for yoga to cushion the blow. Regardless of the number of days I exercised, I still felt like I didn't do it enough.

So, this week I am going back to 5-day a week exercising routine. I'm adding weight training to my workouts to see if there is any changes.

Fitness tip of the week:

Whatever you do, don't give up. Just keep pushing until you reach your goals.

Also, Kevin James Bennett has a kick-ass blog about Makeup Myths on Makeup 411. Please come over and read what he has to say. KJ Bennett is an extremely talented makeup artist. And guess what? That blog post is only part 1 :)

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