Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you, Revlon!

Hi everyone,

Some time at the end of last year, Revlon hosted a giant giveaway of their "Fire and Ice" collection with 500 winners. With a stroke of luck, I tweeted and a couple of days later, Revlon contacted me for my mailing information. Yay, I won something! Time passed and last week, I received a package that brightened my day. Revlon is so generous to send 4 nail polishes and 4 lipsticks of the whole collection to their winners. The colors are bright and cheerful, which are appropriate to celebrate the new year.

Revlon Fire and Ice nail polish collection
(L-R): All Fired Up, Temptress, Demure, Siren
Revlon Fire and Ice lipsticks
Left: Siren, top: All Fired Up, right: Temptress, bottom: Demure
This collection has something old and something new. All Fired Up and Siren has been around for a while. In fact, All Fired Up was a part of the original "Fire and Ice" collection in 1952! I remember when I was a kind, my mom used to wear an orange lipstick that looked so gorgeous. In retrospect, I think that lipstick was Siren. The matching lipsticks and nail polishes are "Mad Men"-esque to me, which makes me feel very lady-like.

Demure and Temptress are new colors that stand beside the veterans. While they are not as bright, these two colors are equally gorgeous. The lipsticks are in cream texture, which glides like buttah! This texture reminds me that of MAC creamsheen without the sheen. It's between matte and glossy with good staying power. I don't recall any smell at all (but I may be wrong so please don't quote me on this!)

The nail polishes glide smoothly and are quite pigmented. Since I still have Nubar 2010 on my nails, I haven't had a chance to try them out yet. I will post the swatches as soon as I have them. I love the retro packaging. My mom and gradma's old Revlon nail polishes looked like that but with the metal case. It's good to walk down the memory lane once in a while.

Thank you, Revlon for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. I am so glad to have these awesome products!

Disclaimer: I won these products in a giveaway. 'Nuff said!


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