Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Can Haz Nubar 2010!

Hi everyone,

A while back, I bitched and moaned complained about my own naivety that lead to me not getting the elusive Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure nail polish from the Traci Reese collection. Some of you mentioned Nubar 2010 as the dupe of Hidden Treasure and it took me a while to obtain this nail polish. Now that I have it, I totally understand the hype behind Hidden Treasure. Nubar 2010 is da bomb!

Nubar 2010 ($7.49 USD on Nubar website but I got it cheaper!)
See how it reflects light? That's the beauty of this type of nail polish, baby!
I layered Nubar 2010 on top of Sinful Colors Rich in Heart, which is a dupe of OPI Midnight in Moscow. Wanna see how they fare out? Jump!

The bottom of Nubar 2010. The number is G188, I guess G stands for glitter :)
And now, tada! Nubar 2010 on top of Rich in Heart. Gorgeous, isn't it?
Close up at the nails.
Pardon my messy cuticles. I painted my nails, tweeted about Nubar 2010, and got a whole bunch of requests. Didn't have time for the spill over to get out of my skin.
With Rich in Heart in the bottle. Nubar 2010 seems to brighten this nail polish a lot.
Ok, so what is Nubar 2010?

Although Nubar advertised it as a nail polish, this performs more like a fast-drying top coat to me. It is shiny and has a lot of white/gold flakes. Unlike glitters, flakes are flatter. I've read that the flakes in Nubar 2010 are chunkier than those in Hidden Treasure but since I don't have the later one, I can't compare. Under different lightning, Nubar 2010 can shift from silver to gold to red. Since I wear Rich in Heart, which is a deep burgundy nail polish, Nubar 2010 reflects the red there.

While you can use Nubar 2010 by itself, this nail polish is at its best when layering on top of dark colors. I've seen pictures of Nubar 2010/ Hidden Treasure layering on top of black, dark blue, green, purple, and red. All are equally gorgeous.

Now, remember I mentioned earlier that I bought it cheaper? Well, there's a seller at called "Xpressurself" who sold it for $5.86. With shipping and handling, the total came to $8.46! I checked today and it seems like this seller ran out of stock on this particular product. Nubar on also sells it for $7.00.

Although there's no word if this is really a Nubar limited edition item, I am sure it will take a while for me to finish the bottle. That's why I am not stocking up on it. Also, with this kind of popularity, sooner or later, other companies will create something similar. Therefore, I am not worried!

Woo! 3 reviews in a week, I on a roll! Or am I?

Disclaimer: I bought both nail polishes. I like them a lot!

So, ladies and gentlemen, what do you think about Nubar 2010 and/or Sinful Colors Rich in Heart? Are they hot or not?

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