Friday, August 20, 2010

Belly at Large: Cute Overload

Hello home people!

Belly's back! Last week I decided to share with you a picture of moi reminiscing my cat food modeling day. If you haven't seen it yet, click here. Recently, la mamarazzi loves to stroke my head and says, "You're so cute, Belly. Why are you so cute? Cute, cute, cute!"

Eh? What are you talking about, woman? Me: cute? Did you forget my claws of death? May I demonstrate it to you again? But then, she scratched my sweet spot and I started rolling around, purring. Such a manipulative woman.

But as I watched her editing my photos, I realized she was right. And Dao, stop being so gleeful already. This is the only time I admit that so don't hope for another chance, ok?

Here are the proofs of my overtly cuteness:

Dao called this "Portrait of a Playboy Kitty". Whatever!
In my defense, I was in deep thought. This is me channeling George Clooney in "Good Night and Good Luck", yo!

More pictures after the jump. You know what to do.

Sleepy Kitty 1
Sleepy Kitty 2
Those two can be called "Portraits of Handsome Kitty and Stinky Blanket". She should have thrown that blanket away already and buy something with a bazillion thread count. Does she expect me to sleep in something like that? However, look at those pictures again. I look so...young, almost like a kitten again. Like seriously, how cute I am?

Alright, folks! Wipe the drool off your face now. I mean it. There's so much cuteness you can handle at once. If you overdo it, I guess the next step is to get yourself a unicorn and dye it pink. Seriously, wipe that drool off your face.

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly

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