Thursday, April 8, 2010

E.L.F. Eyelash Curler: One-Dollar Wonder

In the land of One-Dollar Wonder, E.L.F is King!

Seriously, a dollar these days doesn't carry you that far. Even the Dollar Menu at McDonald's doesn't taste the same anymore (I mean the food, not the menu itself!) However, if you have a dollar to spare, please spend it on e-e-e-E.L.F instead of on a-a-a-alcohol. The more I get into Eyes Lips Face, the more I realize this brand ain't that bad: the products are decent and the prices are low. And most importantly, I can get some regular E.L.F products at Dollar General, thanks to a tip from one reader. The Studio products are still not available at my local Target, by the way.

Eyes Lips Face eyelash curler
The shining beacon of E.L.F is its one-dollar eyelash curler. My dear friend Alienman gave it to me as a Christmas present and I've used it ever since. Once upon a time, I fancied Shu Uemura eyelash curler but Alienman thwarted it right away. She told me not to waste my money on Shu, who does not sell replacement curler pads, and spend it on E.L.F instead. To convince me, she sent it to me during Christmas. I've used it ever since. End of story.

This is a mechanical eyelash curler, yo!

I was surprised at how well-built this eyelash curler is. At one dollar, I expected something floppy and unreliable that would fall apart upon touching my eyelashes. Also, I expected it to rip out my lashes at one swift. This eyelash curler, however, proved me wrong. Not only did it not rip my lashes, it was also built like a truck!

The E.L.F eyelash curler from a different angle
This eyelash curler is probably the sturdiest curler I've ever had. And while I don't have the legendary Shu Uemura lash curler, I do have the mini. The E.L.F curler has one advantage over the other curlers: since it is a mechanical eyelash curler, the pumping action is a lot swifter. You don't have to manually open and close the curler, the spring in between the legs will assist you to do that.

My curled lashes
Sorry for the black and white photo. The original picture is very yellow and I just want to be artsy. But see how well my lashes are curled? My eyes have two different shapes: the left one is more elongated while the right one is more concave. This eyelash curler does grab all the lashes but it does fit the left eye better. For the right eye, if I'm not really careful, I may get a pinch but rarely do I loose an eyelash.

E.L.F (L) and Shu Uemura mini (R) eyelash curlers
For those who want to compare E.L.F and Shu, I guess you are happy with the above picture. The Shu curler has a wider angle, which makes it a better fit to the eyes. I find the Shu pad to be a tad stronger, hence I need to use less force.

My morbidly obese eyelash curler collection. I strictly use the E.L.F for now.
The one that's closest to E.L.F when it comes to fitting comfortably on my eyes is the Trim curler, which is $2 at Wal-mart. The Maybelline was wonderful for the first 10 uses but after that, it became dull. This has yet happened to the E.L.F curler.

Where to buy: at E.L.F website (click here), or at Dollar General. Some people can find it at Dollar Tree or Big Lots. I haven't had such luck.

Price: 1 dollar and comes with a replacement pad.

And now, for FTC: this is a Christmas gift from my friend Alienman. I bought another one as a backup. I don't think I violate anything. For more information, please read my disclosure policy.

That's all for today, folks! Do you have this eyelash curler? How do you like it? Comment, ok?


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  1. I have the same problem as you, all eyelash curlers seem to like my left eye more than my right eye, as a result I have to use a diff curler for each eye T.T
    I too have a mechanical curler than I bought from Daiso for $2 and while I love my Shu curler, I hate how I have to buy a new curler when the pad goes (ok granted this pad has lasted me for almost 2 years), the $2 curler actually gives Shu a run for its price.

  2. Hi McNunu,

    Oh, really? I'm glad I'm not the only one with weird eyes. And can I haz the Daiso curler, pleaz? I guess I'm into curlers a lot now. And btw, I totally forgot to include pads in the last shipment to you. And it was funny because I have a feeling that I forgot something but I couldn't point it out. Oh well, we always have next time.

  3. I really want Elf to appear at my target but it hasn't done so yet. Can't wait till they launch and I'll be off to buy this guy. :)

  4. I love my elf curler! I almost love their makeup brushes more!

  5. big elf fan here! i love my curler too! first eye curler ever and love it. but then again - i don't have anything else to compare it to. hahah

  6. I completely agree with this post. I recently bought the Elf curler on a whim because my other one lost the rubber sole, and I love it!

  7. About how many uses did you get out of the E.L.F before you had to switch the pad?

  8. My ELF curler pad got all yucky rather quickly, which made me sad. I do like it better than my Maybelline curler though... I've been meaning to try a few more out though...

  9. Hi Ashwini,

    Do you have Dollar General? I found ELF there, you should give it a try. I can't wait for Target to carry ELF full-time, too.

  10. Hi Contests and Such,

    I love mine, too! Of course, my ELF Studio powder brush is precious. I can't live without it!

  11. Hi Calia,

    I think the ELF curler is enough, I don't feel like buying another curler for now. It's really good.

  12. Hi Chels,

    This is my HG curler and I'm glad to have it. Glad you feel the same, too!

  13. Hi Denise,

    I don't really count but usually, I replace the pad whenever I see a broken line in the middle.

    Belly wrote about it here just in case you want to take a look.

  14. Hi Elle,

    You can take the pad out and clean it with a soft cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. It will take all the grime out. I don't really have that problem since I use it on bare lashes before applying any eye makeup.

  15. I always tell myself to purchase this next time I make an order at ELF but always end up buying somthing else instead. I guess I didn't trust it to work too well for the price but your review has convinced me that I need to give this a go. I only have one cheap curler from my drugstore (can't remember the brand) but it doesn't fit my eyes too well so I rarely use it.

  16. I'm so happy you like it!! I haven't even touched my Shu curler in the past couple of years after getting the ELF. I have to replace the pad for the ELF, though, and I'm so glad you posted tips on how to replace them.

  17. Hi Gio,

    I didn't trust it at first, but once I used it I really enjoy. It's the best curler I've used and it's very sturdy. Please make sure you get it the next time you place an order at ELF. It's really good.

  18. Hi Alienman,

    This curler is wonderful! It fits my left eye very well. I guess for small eyes like mine, this curler is god sent. I don't know why but the pads seem to dull quick when I use my curlers, not just this one. Maybe I'm overzealous!


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