Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lashed Out FOTD

Hi everybody,

"Uh oh, 'Lashed Out'? Why is she so angry today?" you may ask.

Truth be told, I am not angry, I am not in denial, I am nowhere near being negative today. Nobody ticked me off yet (and let's hope so!) What I am talking is about false eyelashes. Like this:

I looked like a 15 year-old here :)

The pair of lashes I used are more natural than the ones I did in the lash application tutorial and the "Baby Doll" FOTD. In fact, it was the first pair I bought that I didn't ruin. It just gives me enough oomp without looking like a drag queen. The whole thing was fast and pretty simple. Here are what you'll need:

A pair of false lashes (mine is Ardell's 110), gel black eyeliner (Blacktrack), slanted eyeliner brush (mine came from Coastal Scents) Bare Canvas paint pot as a primer, black mascara, eyelash curler*, and undereye concealer (mine is Maybelline)

Not pictured: white eyeliner (I used Wet n Wild Idol Eyes pencil in Pixie), lash glue, and Rimmel London Celeb lipstick.

Wanna recreate this look? Jump!

Eyes: basically, it's the same thing as I did in the eyelash application tutorial but I lined the upper lashes thicker to give my eyes a more mod-doll look. Also, I lined my lower lashes with Pixie to give my eyes are brighter and more wide awake look. Then, I applied the falsies and covered my dark circles with the concealer (it doesn't work that well, by the way.)

Closed eyes, you can see the spine a bit

Blended lashes and look how natural the Ardell's 110 is!

Since the Ardell's 110 falsies are shorter, they are a lot lighter and easier to apply. Also, they make you look so much like you wear fake lashes. I love this pair of lashes for regular occasions because they are so comfortable to wear.

I applied my mineral foundation with the big fluffy ELF Studio powder brush (love!) and EDM Snuggle blush with the Sonia Kashuk flat top blusher brush. My face was redder than usual thanks to the weather, it makes my skin so sensitive lately.

I applied Rimmel London lipstick in Celeb and top it with a lipgloss. Lookin' good, right?

Close up at the face
Hand/fingers on the face = an effort to conceal a blemish

Just for giggles
Seriously, I do look like a 15 year old here!

And you know what I did next? I went to Border's and this gorgeous guy who wore some seriously erotic perfume sat next to me. I don't know what he wore but it totally tickled my fancy. I almost asked him but stopped because I didn't want to be rude. The guy was very into his reading. (By the way, is it ok to ask a random hot stranger of the opposite sex what perfume does he wear?)

The one thing I love about this FOTD is I don't use any eyeshadow except Bare Canvas paint pot and the eyeliners. Yet, it is a very put-together look. And my eyes looked HUGE! I wonder if that sweet smelling dude sat next to me because of my eyes ;)

* about the eyelash curler: mon ami Alienman gave it to me as a cadeax. As much as I love it, I haven't got around to write a proper review. Everytime I do a FOTD and that eyelash curler is there, I always said, "I swear to God I need to review this eyelash curler!" It's really good.

Ok, that's all for now. I hope you like this FOTD. Have you wear false lashes lately?


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  1. what glue u use? is it good? how much? Tks

  2. I love it! where can I find Ardel 110? is it in most drug stores?

    Ngoc Ha

  3. Very pretty! The lashes look great and I love the lip color too.

  4. Hi Jordy,

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you like this look.

  5. Hi Lavender,

    I use Ardell's glue that I bought from Sally's Beauty Supply. I think it costs ~3-4 dollars and if it weren't any good, I would not use it.

  6. Hi Ngoc Ha,

    I bought mine at Sally's Beauty Supply but I guess you can get Ardell's lashes at drugstores. Sally's sells them a bit cheaper, though.

  7. Hi Gio,

    It's my favorite pair. This pair of lashes is not heavy at all. I love that lipstick, it is so creamy!

  8. Hey :) I participated in your last giveaway so I thought it'd be nice to warn you I have one going on too... it's very humble, but if you'd like participate!

    I can't apply false eyelashes, I always get them too far away from the lash line :| And I have to get that celeb lipstick, I got "pink champagne", I like rimmel products :)

  9. Hi Andreia,

    Ooh, giveaway! I'll check it out! You should try pushing the false lashes with the end of your eye shadow brush. It will help the lash to get closer to your lash line. Celeb is a fun color, I love it so much!


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