Sunday, March 21, 2010

GILTY Pleasures Weekly Blog Tour: Vol 9. 2010

Hi everybody,

This week's GILTY Pleasure beauty blog tour is going to be a short one, thanks to Spring Break:

Alison of the Advice Sisters has continuing issues with her Blogger blog, but she's still reviewing products. You can catch her review of "Riveting" a limited edition cosmetics collection from M.A.C.that's sure to bring out the 80's rocker chick in you!!

Lisa of Bridal loves champagne no one creates a better gift for a happy couple than Dom Perignon.

LuxuryBeautyProducts introduces beauty, skin care, a personalized recommendation for your particular skin.

Dao from My Makeup Blog started a Makeup Lesson series. First order of business: How to apply eyeliner.


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Dear Dao...


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