Monday, March 1, 2010

Belly at Large: Marchesa Spring Makeup

Hello folks,

As a cat, I like to sleep a lot. When I don't sleep, I take naps or just close my eyes to think.

Like this!
That was me dreaming of catching some birds on Twitter.

Recently, I went online to browse on Marie Claire for Spring 2010 trend etc and this picture caught my eyes:

Marchesa 2010 (slide 14): Girlfriend got some fierce whiskers dangling from her eye.
This is the cat's meow, yo!

As a cat, I like to promote makeup trends that emphasize the feline-ity in humans. Cat eyes: yes yes yes! Fierce eye whiskers: me to the ow! Marchesa's makeup is simple yet clean and elegant, which I love.

My other favorite is Rodarte's Lolita Tribal Chola (slide 11). I should use Dao's Sharpie marker to fake-tattoo my arms before playing football with the rest of the Stripes.

Ciao, homies!
Mr. Belly, cat extraordinaire

P.S: I know my column is on Tuesday but this week I post a day earlier. Apparently, the human handler Dao complained about writer's block or something like that. I wonder if I can eat it.

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  1. Belly is so cute xD I just wanna poke that pink nose n rub his tummy!

  2. This look is so weird, but also cool. Belly is adorable!

  3. Hi McNunu,

    He's here and he loves you to rub his nose.

  4. Hi Gio,

    That's his favorite look, he's happy that you like it, too!


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