Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Belly at Large: Brushies Brushies

Wassup, my home girls? It's Belly time, are you happy?

 Yeah, that's yours truly doing the seksay thang called "licking the armpit" :D
I'm more flexible than Madonna, yo!

"Brushie Brushie", what the... Who wrote that? Ah meow, that was me. You see, having no opposable thumbs makes it hard to type. I meant to type something smart and clever but ended up with that, which is tackier than the bad cat food* the human handler Dao forces me to eat.

While Dao is busy crunching numbers and jumping** with her laptop, I get to use her other laptop as well as raid her stash. HaHA, take that for givin' me chicken flavor cat food. I am a salmon and tuna feline, yo!

Guess what, Dao? I got access to your brush stash, meow meow meow meow meow *big grin* And I also found out you got a request from Tweeter on brush comparison. I either gnaw your dearly beloved brushes into pieces or do a review for you. I could have gone feline crazy but instead, I chose to ride the high horse. Imagine me, a cat, riding a high horse. Ha!

The request from Tweetie was to compare brushes from EcoTools, StudioTools, and E.L.F Studio.


Wanna know my opinion about these brands? JMP!

Dao always said the EcoTools and E.L.F Studio powder brushes are softer than moi. Pfff, puh-lease, sister! Nobody/nothing is softer than yours truly. Maybe they are softer than her senior citizen teddy bear, Whatshisface, but they can't be softer than me.

*Bring the powder brush to nose, twirl twirl twirl, brush brush brush*

Ah-choo! She's right, this thing is soft! No wonder she loves it so much. I like the EcoTools brushes because they are made of bamboo and recycled materials. Plus the blush brush is thick enough to cause damage to them racoons that eat my food. The E.L.F powder brush is not so bad, though. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it's an expensive brush. But then, she has to pay shipping, which costs around 2 bags of cat food. No wonder why I have to eat this horrible chicken flavor thing she bought on sale!

The StudioTools dual fiber brush is solid gold, if you can get it. The local Target does not carry it, despit jacking the price from 2 dollars (2 bags of treats) to 7 bucks (2 bags of Friskies.) That brush makes stripped people like moi look good, despite being called the skunk brush. Skunky schmunky, I'd gnaw it any day!

The vintage StudioTools brushes are aiight, I don't know if the new ones are as soft. Or if you can find the same ones. That slanted blush brush makes raccon fur feel like chinchilla or something. It is scratchy, yo! I would not use it to brush my paws, even.

In conclusion, I rank the brushes as follow: EcoTools, E.L.F Studio, StudioTools based on softness. Based on the price, they would be the same price per item if taken shipping and handling out of the question. For starters, I highly suggest EcoTools and E.L.F Studio. Their stuff isn't so expensive but are reliable. StudioTools brushes are hits and misses, although they are really cheap and easy to find at Target.

**Jumping? Did I actually type "jumping"? N00b me! It's JMP, the number crunching software thingy.
*I abhor chicken, yet she brought bags of chicken flavored cat food home. Racoons ate it and I fought racoons. They can eat chicken flavored cat food but I won!

So, whoever on Tweety-bird requested this comaparisony thingy, I hope you're happy. Send more requests, people. Anything I can pounce on, chew at, or rub around, I will review. You like, you give me tuna and salmon cat food, deal? I need to work to get my own cat food. It's tough out there for a cat, yo!

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly

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  1. Mr. Belly, as a cat mommy and lover, I just love your columns. This one was very helpful. I have a couple of E.L.F. brushes and they are very soft. They're supposed to be available at target now, so maybe shipping and handling might not be a problem anymore.

  2. This is a cute post :-) Love Mr. Belly

  3. As I live in Europe, I order my ELF things from ELF uk. The shipping isn't much but once in a while they have free shipping and that is the best time to order :D
    Mr Belly know what he is saying :D

  4. Thanks for the comparison. I love the ELF Studio Powder brush, it's so soft! Definitely one of my best purchases ever. I also love the Studio Tools brush you sent me. It's great at applying foundation and lately I've also started using it to apply blush and I love the result. This brush makes it easy to apply blushes sheerly, which is very important for me as I have pale skin.

    Love Mr Belly and his column. :)

  5. Hi BrooklynShoeBabe,

    Mr. Belly wants to know what's your fur baby's name :) He likes that you love his column because he's working very hard for his cat food these days.

    I will check to see if Target sells ELF Studio brushes yet. There are some couple of brushes I want to buy, yet haven't got the opportunity.

  6. Hi Halifax,

    Thanks, Mr. Belly loves you, too! He's so happy that he has a fan base :)

  7. Hi Daniela,

    I think he was playing with my brushes when I was away. I'm glad you like his column, he's one smart cat :)

    Shipping in the U.S is $7 and unless there's a major discount, I don't order from E.L.F. It is a very addictive website since they always add new stuff. I'm glad shipping is cheaper for you.

  8. Hi Gio,

    That ELF brush is one of the best brushes I use and I love it so much! The StudioTools dual fiber brush was not in store when I visited Target recently. I don't know if they discontinue it or not but it is one good brush. I use it for blushes, too. You should try it with your finishing powder, it makes your skin look very dreamy!

  9. I love ecoTOOLS! They are soft brushes... hehe~

    I was the same way as you. I never put cream/gel eyeliner on the bottom. I've been doing it for a month and I think it lasts longer on me than regular pencils. I haven't had any problem so far... lol~

  10. Hi Alyssa,

    Yes, EcoTools brushes are wonderful! I'll try the liner on the lower lash lines to see how it goes. I have deep set eyes and the liners tend to smudge.

  11. Those looking for ELF brushes can find them in the epitome of class--Dollar General. I know they are carrying them in the ones in west-central GA, but I don't know about others . I live in a very small town. Other than the overpriced mom and pop grocery and the two gas stations, Dollar General is the only place for goods for 20 miles in any direction. Interesting note: GA is home to 499 Dollar General Stores. GA is second on the list for amount. The first is Texas, with over 1000 stores.) If you have one close by, stop in and check it out.

  12. Hello T,

    Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to stop by DG to check if they have ELF brushes. I've heard Dollar Tree also carries ELF brushes but not the ones in my town.


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