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Get Poutiful Lips with L'Oreal Infallible Plumping Lip Gloss

Hi everyone,

When I became a beauty blogger, I did it because I feverishly love makeup and beauty. Then, when I started receiving samples to review, I was elated. What added to the exhilaration is when the review items actually work. For those who have been reading my blog, you already know how much I love L'Oreal products. When a L'Oreal publicist contacted me regarding the new L'Oreal Infallible plumping lip gloss, I was more than happy to give it a try. She was very generous to send me four lip glosses and since that moment, I guess I found my new HG lip gloss.

Warning: this is a picture-heavy post, I went a bit overboard with the illustrations (my bad!) but I hope you will have the feel of how these lip glosses perform.

Top-bottom: L'Oreal Infallible plumping lip glosses in Plumped Red, Plumped Pink, Plumped Plum, and Plumped Mauve

Now, get plumper lips, long-wearing color and incredible shine for 6 hours in one easy step. Infallible Never Fail™ Plumping Lipgloss gives your pout a voluptuous new look. A pleasant plumping experience. Virtually pain-free. No injections. Just gorgeous, fuller-looking lips. Comes in an array of 8 positively plumping shades.
It has been a while since I used anything from L'Oreal and I was quite surprise to see how pretty the packaging of these lip glosses are.

Plumped Red is a sheer patent red lip gloss without any shimmer. Although it is sheer, the color is buildable.
This is Leighton Meester's favorite red carpet item.
The wand is not your typical doe-foot applicator. It is designed for colors to spread out quickly and evenly. I prefer this wand over the doe-foot ones.

Wanna see more colors and lip swatches? Jump!

Plumped Pink is my favorite baby pink lip gloss. It has white shimmers to add a hint of shine to your lips

The color on the applicator
This is love, y'all!

Plumped Plum (ha!)
Like Plumped Red, this color is patent shine without any shimmers or glitters. I like this shade as it is an appropriate color for the office.

Although it looks dark, this color goes sheer on my lips

Plumped Mauve
This is my wedding party color: while it looks quite similar to Plumped Plum, this color veers toward the pinkish-red side with a lot of shimmer.

The color on the wand, it looks similar to Plumped Plum, right?
You may think otherwise once you see the swatch

Plumped Red
Please notice the size of my mouth

Plumped Pink
I swiped off Plumped Red after taking the picture and applied Plumped Pink. Notice my lips swelled up a little bit.

Plumped Plum

Plumped Mauve
Now, please scroll up and look at the Plumped Red picture.
See the difference?

Honestly, I did not think my lips would look different when I swatched the lip glosses. However, when I edited the pictures, I started noticing the difference in my lips. The first lip picture is how my lips actually look on the daily basis while the last picture looks like a close up of Angelina Jolie's lips! I could not believe it myself!

From the scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being very watery and 10 being extremely sticky, the Infallible lip gloss falls somewhere around 5 and 6. It is not so sticky but I don't find it watery either. The shine is good and for the ones that have shimmers, they are even shiner. As a plumping lip gloss, this one works quite fast: the whole lip picture taking time was less than 10 minutes and I saw how plumped my lips were already. Also, it does not hurt although I do feel a tingling sensation every time I use it. These glosses are scentless and tasteless, although if you smell closely enough, it does have a faint chemical smell.

For lasting power, it does last quite well. On Tuesday, I applied Plumped Pink on top of MAC High Tea before going to lunch. The lunch lasted quite long, I drank about 3 glasses of water and ate a nice plate of food. I also wiped my mouth a couple of times, yet when I came home, I still saw visible hint of color on my lips!

While I can't verify the 6-hour claim because I do have to eat and drink water during a typical six-hour stretch, I can tell you this lip gloss does last a lot longer than your typical gloss. Also, it is comfortable to wear and you get the lip plumping action to boost.

I wear Plumped Pink a lot lately, it kicks my favorite MAC lip gloss (Sugar Trance from Fafi collection) to the curb. Overall, I love the performance of L'Oreal Infallible plumping lip glosses, at least the ones I have.

Price: $9.99 at mass-market and drugstores. Now, I know the price is not cheap but we all know L'Oreal have BOGO deals all the time. Also, if you buy Sunday newspapers, you can always find L'Oreal coupons.

Now, a disclaimer: the above products were sent to me from a kind representative of L'Oreal Paris for reviewing purposes. For more information, please visit L'Oreal website. Click here to read My Makeup Blog disclosure policy.

I hope you enjoy this post. This is my attempt to make up for last week's no-show :)


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  1. very nice review and yes u have very nice lips!

  2. Thanks for the review. I have seen these around but I never tried them cos L'Oreal is so expensive here. The shades are all so pretty, esp Plumped Red.

  3. Hi Lavender,

    Aw thanks! You are so kind!

  4. Hi Gio,

    I saw these lip glosses around for a while but they are expensive. If I did not get them as samples, I would not have got a chance to try.

  5. This is a little off-topic but wow! Being a beauty blogger is rewarding enough, but receiving samples to review and blog about? Wow LOL sorry anyway great review of the glosses! I think the plumped plum and mauve looked the best on your lips

  6. Hi Alyssa,

    Aw, thank you so much!

  7. Hi Kikayfetz,

    Thanks, I love Plumped Plum a lot, it's my office lip gloss :) Yes, companies do offer products to bloggers to review and I am a small potato blogger so I receive offers once in a while. Other big-timer may receive more offers but most of us do give honest opinions in our reviews.

  8. fab review. now i need to try the few i have again!

  9. Hi Kia,

    Oooh, thank you so much! Yes, please try them again. I'm sure you'll like them.

  10. Excellent review! LOL@ the Angelina Jolie pout observation. I guess it works then! Fantastic! I especially love Plumped Red on you! :)

  11. Hi Witoxity,

    Aw, thanks! It does work and I don't feel the burning sensation at all. My mom already took Plumped Red, she loves it as much as I do.


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