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Brush Up with Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki

Rise and shine, my lovelies!

As a makeup addict, in no particular order the top 3 favorite products on my list are mascaras, brushes, and palettes. As you may have witnessed, I have a lot of brushes (30+ and counting!) When Everyday Minerals (EDM) revamped their brush line by making only synthetic brushes with renewable bamboo handles, I was thrilled. However, I barely order from the internet for a year or two now and they remain in my wish list.

Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki  ($10 USD)

When the kind EDM representative sent me a package of stuff to review, she included a long handled kabuki brush and I was very thrilled. The LHK is EDM's top selling brush for a very long time. Whenever EDM had a sale, that brush and the flat top are usually sold out first.

So, how good is this brush? Does it live up to its reputation? Jump to find out more!

Truth be told, I've been spoiled with the E.L.F Studio powder brush and after experienced with a flat top brush, it is very hard to go back to the regular kabuki. The only kabuki I used is the Bare Essentuals one that came with the kit. While it does the job, it can get very scratchy. Like the E.L.F Studio and EcoTools brushes, this brush is very soft.

Close-up shot at the head of the brush
I just used it with my powder so it has a bit of color but the tip of the bristles is white.

Comparative shot with a Vermont quarter :)

Through the years, I've followed the EDM board very closely and a lot of people have complained about the quality of this brush. I have seen photos of the "old" LHK produced circa 2008 and the complaints are valid. The brush I have is not as full as I imagined. Also, it shedded quite a bit after I washed it and used the first three times. Usually, this is rare of synthetic brushes: the E.L.F and EcoTools brushes I have did not even shed a hair.

As it is not as full, this brush does require more work to buff minerals on my face. However, it is so soft that I feel like being caressed by a gentle velvet teddy bear. The size is quite awkward: it is a tad too small for powder, yet a hair too big for blushes. Unlike other brushes that I immediately form a strong opinion, this one I am quite partial. While it is nice, sturdy*, and well made, I find it to be a bit flimsy for my taste. I read a while back that the brush maker changed to a straighter fiber, which makes these brushes look less fluffy.

Putting everything in consideration, I think the EDM long handled kabuki is a well-made brush. Yet, being spoiled by a flat-top brush, I can't bring myself to use it as often. Secretly, I wish it were the legendary EDM flat-top brush instead (perverse, I know!)

*About how I knew it is a sturdy brush: my silly and almost food-comatose self decided to drop it on my toe on Christmas day just for fun (just kidding about the fun part.) Needless to say, it hurt tremendously!

And now, a disclaimer: the above products were sent to me from a kind representative of Everyday Minerals for reviewing purposes. For more information, please visit Everyday Minerals website. Click here to read My Makeup Blog disclosure policy


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  1. Wow, you have a lot of brushes, although I don't think you can have too many lol.

    Thanks for the review. It's a shame the brush sheds so much. Like you, I'm too spoiled with the ELF Powder Brush to use anything else. Even my beloved The Body Shop Kabuki Brush has been lying in a drawer for months now.

  2. Dear Dao ^^ I have both this LHK and the edm Flat Top and I must say I much much prefer the Flat Top. It's unfortunate that yours shed that much, none of my edm shed at all!! none since the first time I got them. ;) Flat top all the way!! hehehe

  3. Hi Gio,

    It stops shedding now, but I don't like the flimsiness so much. The ELF powder brush is really wonderful. I am somewhat addicted to makeup brushes, I find myself making up excuses to buy another one.

  4. Hi Dana,

    I guess mine came from a bad batch then. I would love to get the flat top brush one day. I love the one I have sooo much!


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