Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's so wonderful about the Wonderbar?

Hi everybody,

A while back before my life turned into total chaos, I was contacted by a representative of  Wonderbar and got an opportunity to try a sample of this new multifunctional cleanser from Malaysia.

The Wonderbar insert
From the company:
The WONDERBAR is a skin care bar that is made in Malaysia. It is an all-in-one product (toner, cleanser, exfoliator, etc) and is simple to use and affordable. It is a total detox for the skin and addresses issues such as wrinkles, brown spots, large pores, acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, dryness, oiliness, on and on. Men also use it for razor burn and ingrown hairs and it is so gentle, it can even be used on a baby. It's just one of those beauty products which originated in the East that has real benefits. It is suitable for all skin types.
One of the samples I received
Want to know more about it? Jump!

First of all, don't let the small size of that sample fool you. The product is actually bigger than that and a little bit of Wonderbar does go a long way. I tried this product for a solid month and my skin got better and better:

When I started with the Wonderbar, my skin had close to 10 acne bumps which were red and painful. After one wash, it felt fresh and calm but I did not expect to see any miracles or anything. Until about 2 weeks later I noticed the bumps went away but less acne sprouted up. My skin also felt smoother and now I do not even have a zit on my face.

This is really rare for me because (a) I have not gotten a lot of sleep, (b) I have been stressed out beyond belief, and (c) my diet is not that stellar lately, all thanks to my thesis writing phase. While using the Wonderbar, some days I was too bombed to wash my face and I noticed my skin became less smooth the next day. The Wonderbar does a good job in exfoliating my face.

Why I like Wonderbar so much?

It is not only a face wash but also a mask, as you need to leave it on for 3-5 minutes. As a bar soap, I expected it to be drying but the result is not so bad. My face may feel tight if I leave it longer than 5 minutes but I do notice my moisturizer absorbs much better. The Wonderbar has Chlorey’nahre Heilmoor Clay and a mix of over 700 herbs and plants to sooth your skin. During the time I use this product, my skin feel very calm, which is a rare occasion to me.

As wonderful as it is, I have a few caveats for this product:
  • It has talc as an ingredient: usually, my skin would break out from talc but because Wonderbar does not stay that long on my face, the risk of irritation is minimal.
  • It can run to my eyes: because it's a soap, once it touches my eyes it burns. To avoid this, I make sure my face is damp, not wet, before I lather Wonderbar and apply it over my face.
  • It can be time-consuming: if you are on the go and Wonderbar needs 3-5 minutes to work outside the shower, it definitely is not for you. However, if you are not rushed and use it properly, this product is wonderful.
  • It is not really expensive: at 40 dollars, this baby is not cheap! However, you get a face wash, an exfoliator, and a mask all together. Also, a little bit goes a long way. My little stubs of samples lasted more than a month!
For more information, please visit Wonderbar website. Also, I am planning to host a giveaway for a bar of Wonderbar so please stay tuned for the details.

Note: this product was sent to me by a PR representative of Wonderbar. For more information, please go to their website. Click here to read my blog disclosure policy.


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  1. Hi Dao,
    Remember, when lathering up the bar, do not get your face wet, get the bar wet and lather into your hands until you get a thick, lotion-y consistency........then put it on your face and neck! It will never bleed into your eyes this way. :))
    Thanks for the review! It does last forever, doesn't it?? You'd never know by looking at the size.
    Take care!!

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks for the tip, I learned that the hard way after I got burned 2-3 times :) The samples lasted for about a month and now they are gone, I am crying on the inside!

  3. This sounds like a nice multi-tasking product. I'm glad it works so well for you, but I wish it wasn't so expensive!

  4. Hi Gio,

    I wish so, too! It works really well and now the samples are gone, I feel very very sad.

  5. Wow, this sounds like a cool product. But like you said, the price is a bit high for many of us. I wonder how good it is for treating brown spots or pigmentation on the skin. I'll be looking out for your giveaway~ Good luck on your thesis writing. I'm also in the same phase as you. >__< Grrr...I really hate writing.

  6. Hi, i gave you an award on my blog :)
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi MoonRabbit,

    Thank you so much, my big day is getting closer and closer by now :) I'll post my giveaway after my defense so stay tuned. Also, good luck with your thesis writing, just push one line at a time and soon enough, you will be there.

  8. Hi Jordy,

    Thank you so much for the award, I really appreciate it.

  9. hey hun! I nominated you for a blogger award! Check out my blog :)

  10. Hi Alina,

    Ooh, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

  11. Hi Dao,
    I think many people are under the impression that it is expensive because they are thinking of it as soap. When you consider that it is ALL of your skincare products in one little bar that lasts 6-8 weeks, you can't beat the price. If you go to the drugstore and buy a cleanser, a toner and a good exfoliate, your total will not be under $40.00 and they might not even work. This product actually works so it eliminates the need for facials and expensive treatments on top of everything else. To answer the question, does it treat brown spots and pigmentation? Yes, it does and very effectively. For all that it does, it is an amazing value...

  12. Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks for the clarification. You are so helpful!

  13. Hi I found a few natural skin care tips...I think it may be useful for you also...

  14. Hi,

    Thank you for your vague comment.

  15. Have you ever heard of a line of products called SebaMed? They supposedly turn your skin into a balanced PH as well.


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