Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Read List: GILTY Pleasres Weekly Blog Tour Vol. 3

Hello there, gorgeous!

It's Sunday again and this time around, the ladies from GILTY Pleasures and I gathered around our top posts for your own reading pleasures. It's been a tough week for me, mentally, as I am trying to finish as many things as I can in my writing. On top of that, I caved and wrote a bit for my NaNoWriMo novel. Unlike last year, this time around, the NaNo novel did not sound so difficult. I guess my daily blogging and reading finally paid off. I feel a lot better about this novel and if Heavens allow, I may even finish it on top of the mount of work I already have!

I hope you enjoy this week's read list, which is a bit shorter than the one from last week.

Alison of The Advice Sisters reports on Sheckys Girls Night Out a girl's dream shopping and bonding event!

Dao from My Makeup Blog decided to go rouge with her new Revlon ColorStay Ultimate lipstick in Grand Garnet and guess what? It doesn't smudge!

Holiday Makeup picks out the best Holiday Lip Gifts.

Suzanne at RN Guide to Skin Care reviews Retinol Serums and tells you what to look for in a Retinol Product.

Eye Makeup Guide reviews Eye Shadow Primers a must have for long lasting eye makeup!

Check out Trendy Plus Size Clothes for a run down on all the best Womens Plus Size Urban Clothing.

Also, hope you are having a nice weekend. Please come back on Monday for more!


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