Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going Rouge: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Grand Garnet

Hi everybody,

First off, where my girls at? It's been eerily quiet in here for the past few days, what's up, folks?

November is a bit crazy for me as I am in my last leg of completing this thesis. It is painful and some days I wake up not knowing what to do with it. Also, I decided to join NaNoWriMo to get some emotional support for my thesis writing, not to write another novel. (By the way, the one I wrote last year sucked! I should have stuck to what I know best instead of writing about dragons!)

But anyways, today's blog is either about my thesis or NaNo. It's about me and my desire to go rouge (not go rogue like Sarah Palin.) Around this time of the year, I find myself foaming at the mouth whenever I see a red lipstick. If you count the number of times I wear red lippies per year, you can safely conclude that red is overrated in my world. However, I must covet and got a new red lipstick...for my mom (she wears red better than I do!)

Introducing Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Grand Garnet:

I got a chance to try this lipstick during a BOGO event and I love it. This is a liquid lipcolor and has Revlon's famous ColorStay formulation. Truth be told, I am not a fan of lipsticks, let alone anti-fade ones. The later ones tend to be very drying and if my lips are lightly cracked, they will exacerbate the condition. Also, long wearing lipsticks are a pain in the neck to remove but do not last as long as they claim to be. For a good 2-3 years, not many makeup companies promoted long wearing lipsticks and Revlon became one of the very few companies to offer this kind of product.

And I wonder why. And because curiosity kills the cat, I decided to get me this liquid lipstick to try.

I applied a light coat of Grand Garnet to my lips and the color was very intense. This formula gives me a minute or so to work before it dries up. Once dried, it is hard to fix whatever mistake you make unless you apply more lipstick to cover it up. The color is between burgundy and bright red but it is wearable. To me, Grand Garnet is not really an eye-popping bright color. However, I would not wear it in the daytime as it is an attractive shade of red.

After drying, Grand Garnet turned into a matte finish but it did not feel drying. Instead, it felt a bit more comfortable than my other matte lipsticks. I decided to have some fun and drank some water. To my astonishment, there was no lipstick mark on the rim of the glass! Then, I ate some food, and drank water again. This time around, there was still no marks. I looked in the mirror and the color did look the same! So, I applied some lip glosses and went on with my day:

With lip gloss, I drank water, ate, and talked for the whole day and when I came back home, the gloss was gone but the lipstick looked a bit faded. Amazing! However, it did not come off when I wiped my lips with a piece of tissue paper so I used a clear gloss that contains petroleum jelly to remove it (like dissolves like, remember?) Then, Grand Garnet came off really easily.

I dubbed this "my party lipstick" after that. To me, this ColorStay formula is superior than others because it allows you to apply lip glosses without the fear of fading, as long as the gloss is not petroleum based. MAC lip glosses are fine to couple with this one, from my experience. The one caveat I have with Revlon ColorStay is the lack of colors for young people. Most shades are really dark and matured. I only saw a couple of light colors and plan to get them in the future.

The tube reminds me of MAC Dazzleglass but it is a lot cheaper. Depending on where you shop, you can get it for $8-10 USD. Also, you do not need to touch up during the day, which will extend the use of this lipstick a lot longer. However, as I am a creature of habit, I carry my lip gloss with me to top off during the day.

My rating: A+

That's all, folks! What do you think about this lipstick as well as other color stay products? Please comment, ok? I love to read them!


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  1. I'll check this out! Amazing how it could stay that long on your lips.

    Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Hi Fifi,

    I'm amazed by it, too! Considering I'm not a fan of long wearing lipstick, this one does not feel tight at all. It's my mom's "party lipstick" now because she loves to wear it to weddings and such events.

  3. I'm not a fan of long-wearing lipsticks cos they tend to be very drying and hard to remove. But you got me curious about this one. It sounds good and it looks beautiful on you.

  4. Hi Gio,

    This formula is comfortable to wear and if you want to make it even more comfortable, you can apply gloss on top. To remove it, I use a petroleum-based lip gloss but plain Vaseline would work, too. I love this color, it is very festive :)

  5. I got 2 of these at a CVS BOGO and I'm not sure what to make of them. Firstly, the 2 colors I got were, as you said, kind of 'mature' - and the darker hue went on unevenly. The texture is also odd, kind of tacky like half-dried glue. The pros? This stuff would probably remain on my lips for weeks if I didn't remove it manually. It did leave a bit of a ring on my drinking cup, but wouldn't wipe off with a napkin and is still sitting on my face after cleansing and a shower. It's good if you need heavy-duty staying power, but I'm not crazy about the colors or the way my lips stick when I press them together.

  6. Hi K,

    I have to agree with you about the staying power. To remove it, you need a blob of Vaseline and let it soak for a while before wiping it off. This works great if you go to parties but for every day use, I prefer some gloss on top.


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