Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bloggers be Aware: FTC Passed the Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

Hi everybody,

Everyday, it makes my day to find out how you find my blog to be informative and fun. I hope my posts lighten up your workday and if you find them useful, that is a bonus. However, sometimes there are other issues out there that directly affect some of us and today I would like to use this time to make you aware of it.

During summer, there was a buzz about the new Federal Trade Commission to regulate endorsements and testimonials in advertising. It came in the most unconventional way to me and at the time, the person who voiced his opinion probably misunderstood the scope of implementation of this new FTC regulation (click here to read what I said regarding this issue.) Needless to say, I have been following this issue for a while and recently, this new regulation did get passed and is going to be implemented starting December 1st, 2009 (click here for the full document.)

The document is 81 page long and it boils down to two big issues: (1) disclosure of  any financial gains from bloggers and (2) liability between bloggers, companies that provide materials to them and the public. For the first issue, if a blog failed to comply, it will get some warnings and may even get fined. For the second part, this is actually a good mean to weed out blogs that publish faulty information, such as blogs that promote diet pills with outrageous results (lose 10 lbs in 1 week, anyone?)

So, what will affect "My Makeup Blog"?

For starter, let me reiterate this point to you: I do not blog for money. Since I started writing here at the end of June, 2008, I have never get any offers to promote any product in exchange of any types of monetary gain. Until recently, all products I reviewed were purchased from my own pocket and I reviewed them at my own time. Then as this blog progressed, I received some invitations from companies to review their products as they see my blog as a good fit. However, that does not mean I put in the good words even when their products do not live up to the standard. Like you, I am also a consumer and I do appreciate honest opinions. When I get a chance to voice mine, I make sure to portray the products in a truthful and fair manner. I would never say a foundation that costs a dollar is as good as a Chanel foundation. It may be the best one dollar foundation on Earth but it's not Chanel.

Also, soon you will see a disclosure clause somewhere at the front page of "My Makeup Blog". This is to protect me and my blog from future dispute with the authority because frankly, I make next to nothing from this blog. The ads I run here are Google ads and they pay me money per thousand visitors and per click. With this economy, the rate is really low and honestly, MMB makes pennies a day in ad money. Also, as they are Google ads, I have no control over the contents but they seem to coordinate well with my contents, at least at this point.

If you have heard or read somewhere that bloggers do make money when they plug in products for companies, at least you know I am not one of them. From the beginning, it is my policy not to accept money when I review products, as it leads to other problems in the future. Now, there are some bloggers who do make good livings from their websites but you can really count them on your fingers. Most of us who blog do have jobs or are in school, like myself. I understand blogging is an uncharted territory with a lot of money involved and now the government is tapping on that source.

Beside putting up a disclaimer in the near future, essentially there will not be a lot of changes within "My Makeup Blog." I will write here as long as I can, and as long as I still love makeup. Being a blogger, I get to meet a lot of wonderful people from different parts of the U.S as well as the world. Also, everyday I get a chance to practice my prose and as a result, writing comes a lot more easier these days.

For other bloggers who want to know more about this issue, Carleen from Beauty and Fashion Tech wrote a wonderful guide to implement this new FTC regulation. For me, I will do my best to keep this blog moving forward in both content and outlook.

Are you still awake? I'm glad you are with me and although this is not very exciting, it's an important issue. Please come back tomorrow because it's going to be Beauty Literotica time again!


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  1. I read the entire thing! But I did it on 3 hours of sleep so things got muddled along the way. So... the government will fine bloggers who present false information? Wow I'm tired. But I always got the sense you blogged because you enjoyed it and interacting with your readers, and I admire you for that - especially as you seem so dedicated. It's good to hear you won't stop blogging; I hope this doesn't interfere with what you're 'allowed' to write about. I wonder what will happen to bloggers who didn't read the 81-page brief? O_o

  2. Hi K,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. It all boils down to one issue: responsibility. This regulation will eventually weed out some weight loss blogs that give false testimonies to the public. For me, nothing will change, except you will see me putting up a disclaimer.

    I do enjoy blogging and interacting with readers. The other things that come along with it are extras, I don't really press about them.


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