Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Makeup Reunion: L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup Liquid Foundation

Hello, gorgeous!

Recently, I got an opportunity to reunite with one of my old-time's favorite: L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable liquid foundation. When I was in college, it was my time to explore makeup and that was difficult. At that time, most foundations available had pink undertones and they looked really bad on my face. Most of them made me look like I was drunk or had a bad case of sunburn. Then L'Oreal released the True Match line and it solved a lot of problems to a lot of people. One of them was me: if I remember correctly, I used to apply True Match foundation in C5 to my face.

Yes, I remember you, dear one!
L'Oreal True Match in N4

Yup, it's my old love
I used a lot of L'Oreal foundations before switching to mineral makeup

Finding a good match with L'Oreal True Match is really easy. If your drugstore has a plastic see-through color card, you can just hover it near your jawline or forehead and determine what shade is the closest. Mine is N4 (buff beige), I guess my skin has changed after all these years.

The skin swatch
It's Super-Blendable indeed

The foundation still works the same as I remember. It blends well and feels like lotion on my face. Also, it's a lot cheaper now and you can always use coupons to make it even much cheaper. And to those who wonder if I am going to reverse to regular foundation, the answer is no. Although I enjoyed True Match and it did not break me out, I love my mineral foundation a lot more. However, it's a good trip down to the memory lane to me.

How about you? What was your favorite foundation in the past?


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  1. I'm glad this worked well for you. I didn't have a favourite foundation, I kept trying new ones all the time. I still do cos I haven't found a perfect match for my skintone yet. I'm so pale that most foundations are too dark for me and make me look orange!

    Now I'm experimenting with mineral makeup. MMU companies usually have a wider range of shades and it's easier to find a match.

  2. Hi Gio,

    It worked for me until before I graduated. Then after that I took a sabbatical from wearing makeup and it continued until I found some mineral makeup companies that have colors for me. You're absolutely right, MMU companies have much better range of foundation. I think it's impossible not to find a match when it comes to mineral foundation.

  3. Hi Dao,

    My favorite foundation is Revlon Colorstay in the normal/dry skin formula. It is the only foundation that doesn't dry my skin out while providing enough coverage for all of my acne and acne scars. On the days when my skin is less dry (I have really dry skin even when I exfoliate and moisturize well >_< ) and behaving well (less breakouts/scars, etc.), I use mineral makeup.

  4. Hi Amy,

    I'm glad you have a favorite foundation. My skin did not like Revlon foundies in the past. I haven't used liquid foundations for years now so I have no clue how it would do. I've heard a lot of good things about Revlon Colorstay, too.


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