Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Dry Your Makeup Brushes

Hi ladies (and gents),

As we all know, I am kind of a makeup brush geek. Although I have 30+ brushes in my possession, I always have the urge to buy one more. Once in a while, depending on how frequent I wear makeup, I line all the dirty brushes and wash 'em (details can be found here and here.) Regardless of the way I wash the brushes, there is only one way to dry them:

I let the heads hang out on the ledge of a block to dry instead of placing them flat on top of a piece of cloth. This way ensures them to dry properly without having any moulds growing within the dense bristles. If you haven't dried your brushes this way, I urge you to convert for the sake of your skin's health.

You can use some blocks like I did or just let them hang over the edge of your counter top. This way, the air circulation is better and there is no water to back up to the ferrule either. I notice my brushes to dry faster, as a result.

That's all for today. It's a short one but right now I need to heal my hand.


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  1. thanks! will try your technique!

  2. ill try this too. i usually dry em over a towel.

    have u seen enkore's video on how to dry kabuki brushes? that's how i dry mine now

  3. Hi Khym,

    I hope it helps! I've quit drying my brushes over the towel for a while now. This is a lot better.

  4. Hi Mia,

    I'll look that up, thanks for the suggestion. I used to dry them over a towel too, but after seeing how wet the side that touched the towel became, I quit. Also, Enkore has a video about drying brushes where he used a container with holes on the side. Did you see that one as well?

  5. Fortunately, Oregon air is always dry, even in rainy weather and we never have problems with mold (not mould lol) but I guess it doesn't hurt to be careful. Thanks for the tip!

    What is that thin, long angular black-handled brush two to the right from the foundation brush?

  6. Hi Alienman,

    Hahaha, I was trying to be British by saying "mould". Actually, when I took Microbiology, the prof said the correct spelling is "mould", so go figure!

    You have keen eyes, aren't ya? That's my cheapie Target slanted blush brush. It's good for contouring, although it's a bit scratchy.

  7. I usually dry my brushes over a towel, but I will try this now. Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Hi Gio,

    You should give it a try. I find my brushes to dry quicker, even in cold weather.

  9. Thanks for the tip! I used to try mine on a paper towel overnight, but I'm definitely giving this a try. =)


  10. Hi Jingwei,

    How marvelous! You are not lurking here anymore, welcome! You should give this a try, it's more hygienic this way :)


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