Friday, September 4, 2009

Beauty Literotica: Get Positively Beautiful by Carmindy

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It's book review time again, and this time I am going to bring to your attention a book by Carmindy called "Get Positively Beautiful". This book came to my attention by a comment from a reader. She recommended this book to me and it took me a while to get it delivered to my local library branch. Apparently, a lot of people in my hood are fans of Carmindy and her show "What not to Wear" and it took about 2 months to get my turn.

Get Positively Beautiful by Carmindy
Image courtesy Ex Libris B

Since I do not watch "What Not to Wear", I really did not know who Carmindy was until I saw her makeup line at Walgreens. And to add to my ignorance, I did not try her makeup either. However, they look like high end products and I hope to try them someday.

"Get Positively Beautiful" is an interesting book that is part makeup how-to, part self-help in creating a positive image. I guess this stemmed from Carmindy being a makeup artist in a makeover show where she faces people who need help in creating a new style and image. Most of the faces done in the book are radiant and glowy, thanks to Carmindy's favorite makeup trick: highlighting.

A typical Carmindy look

For those who are looking for new makeup tricks, this book is choke full of them. In fact, there are so many new details that kept me interested. However, it does not focus on the basics as much as other books I've read ( ie, Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces of Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual.) I enjoy her concept of "opposite attract" to perk up the eyes:

Opposite attract for eyes
(Picassa likes to mess with me, again!)

Another trick of the trade that I love is Carmindy's way to do the cheeks. Since I don't have prominent features on my face, any help is good in this department.

Get cheeky with Carmindy
Sorry for the side way picture, guys!

Since she came from a makeover show, there is no celebrity faces in this book. All the looks are done on regular folks like you and me, and I guess it's a beauty of this book. In each makeover, she included a "before" picture with a person's story and thought of the makeover as well as the "after" picture with Carmindy's vision. The steps are written in paragraph format and was hard for me to follow. I wish she broke them down in bullet or numbering form.

Here are some pictures of the makeovers:

I really love this look, the lady looked fierce
Again, sorry for the picture :(

I like "Get Positively Beautiful" by Carmindy a lot, but not enough to put it in my top-3 favorite makeup books yet. For those who seek extra makeup tips or are fans of her show, this book is a must-have for you. I am glad to wait to get it from my local library. And you should check yours, too, since they may have it there.

TGIF! This week has been a long and arduous journey for me. I can't wait to immerse myself into the long weekend! Have a happy Labor Day, everyone in the U.S!


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