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Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hairstyling Products: Hair Fabulous!

Hi everyone,

Dao’s here with the second part of the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly review. This time around, we are going to explore four new styling products that make messy hair look so wonderful. Now, if you recall, I am a fan of the wavy, tousle hair. I even found a way to cheat on this look (click here.) So, I was really happy to test out these products and see if they live up to the claim.

Tousle Me Softly styling products

First stop: Tousle Me Softly mousse

Since I am just a wash and wear kinda girl, playing with this mousse and the rest of the other products is like sailing to uncharted water. The mousse is really easy to use: I just squirted a golf-ball size of product in my balm, rub my hands together gleefully, and the spread the stuff all over my hair from roots to tips. Then, I proceeded to blow-drying my hair. The result: va-va-va-voom, my love! My hair had more volume than I have ever seen!

Here are the pros and cons:
  • Pros: easy to use, not sticky, gives my hair a ton of volume, smells really good
  • Cons: nothing I can think of
Ingredients: water, isobutene, polyquaternium-4, propane, propylene glycol, C9-11 pareth-8, fragrance, DMDM hydantoin, disodium EDTA, citric acid.
Note: this product contains isobutene, which is a flammable chemical
Price: $2.99 USD at drugstores and mass-market stores
My rating: A+

Second stop: Tousle Me Softly spray gel

After the glorious result with the mousse, I moved on with the spray gel which has more holding power than the mousse. After washing my hair, I just spray the gel all over my head and then combed through before blow-drying. The result is less voluminous than with the mousse but my hair did have more volume than without using any styling products.

Here are the pros and cons:
  • Pros: very easy to use, not sticky, provides some volume, and of course, smells good
  • Cons: contains methylparaben
Ingredients: water, PVP, chitosan, lactic acid, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, polysorbate 20, phenoxylethanol, fragrance, methylparaben, PEG-60 almond glycerides, polysorbate 80, disodium EDTA, etylhexylglycerin, tocopherol.
Price: also $2.99 and can be found at drugstores and mass-market stores.
My rating: A-

Third Stop: Tousle Me Softly finishing touch cream

This product is kind of like Hannah Montana: it is “the best of both world” product that can be used on damped or dry hair. I was happy to try it as this finishing touch cream has the potential to replace a whole army of styling products. At first, I spread a dime size amount of cream all over my towel-dried hair before blow-drying. Of all the products in this line, the cream is the only thing that managed to bring some messiness out of my really straight hair. Then, I used it as a styling cream and called it a day.

The result was quite sub-par: the cream, while is not sticky, is way too creamy for my hair. The next day, my hair became stringy and matted as if I did not wash it the day before. The holding power is weak, as well. I guess those who have dry hair may benefit from it.

Here are the pros and cons:
  • Pros: contains a lot of products, can be used on damped or dry hair, smells good
  • Cons: contains dimethicone which gave me huge pimples on my cheeks, is too moisturizing for my hair, has weak holding power
Ingredients: water, dimethicone, sorbitol, aminomethyl propanol, carbomer, VA/crotonates copolymer, fragrance, benzyl alcohol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, DMDM hydantoin.
Price: $5.49 at drugstores and mass-market stores
My rating: B-/C

Last stop: Tousle Me Softly hairspray

I love this hairspray: it is flexible, easy to use, and smells really good! In fact, if Herbal Essences decide to bottle up this scent and sell, I’ll definitely buy. With this hairspray, I am not afraid of stiff helmet hair. I purposely dowsed myself with copious amount of hairspray to see if and when my hair would get stiff. It did not happen, hallelujah!

Here are the pros and cons:
  • Pros: smell really good, is not stiff or sticky, makes my hair look shiny
  • Cons: nothing I can think of
Ingredients: alcohol denat, water, acrylates copolymer, ammomethyl propanol, fragrance, triethyl citrate, PEG-12 dimethicone, panthenol
Note: this product contains denatured alcohol, which is a flammable ingredient.
Price: $2.99 at drugstores and mass-market stores
My rating: A+

Of the four styling products, I guess the ones I would stick to are the mousse and hairspray. If you have fine hair or need a lot of volume, the mousse is perfect for you. If you want a basic styling product and do not need as much volume, the spray get is a good match. Finally, if you have dry hair and does not need a lot of holding power, the styling cream is a better option for your hair.

Yesterday, I had the most horrible allergy ever! So half of the time, I fought myself just to stay up and I'm sorry to miss blogging. So, tomorrow we may have double posts about hairstyles. I've been on a hair roll (literally and figuratively) lately and can't wait to share my tips with you!


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  1. Hi Jaimie,

    Girlfwend, where have you been? I love this mousse a lot, it gives my hair a lot of volume. If you want to try, keep your eyes on Target. They seem to have sales on HB very often.

  2. The mousse sounds perfect for me. Can't wait to see your next post about hairstyles.

    Ngoc Ha

  3. Hi Ngoc Ha,

    I'm crunching them out as soon as I can! I think the mousse would work for your hair as well. The products from this line smells really good!

  4. hi dao i have very thick coarse hair and i wanting to try out the spray gel , mousse and the hairspray but do they give your have soft waves in it because my hair is very volumious already and do the product dry out your hair and damage it ? and also i read your spray gel review and i saw the ingredient methylparaben and what does methylparaben do to your hair ? and sorry i very scattered brain today but isnt the hairspray and mousse bad for your because it contains alchol? but overall all 10/10 for this blog entry review.
    Thank you so much

  5. Hi,

    The mousse will give you a lot of volume. If I remember correctly, the spray gel is quite nice and not sticky at all. The hairspray is also nice and flexible. If you have wavy hair, I think you should try the spray gel out.

    Parabens are preservatives that have a bad rep for many things, including causing sensitiviy to your scalp. Alcohol helps your hair products dry faster. It's not necessarily good or bad unless you have sensitive skin and bleached hair. It would make your hair more brittle.

    I hope my reply helps. Good luck with your hair products.


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