Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Food Alert: KFC Grilled Chicken!

Hi everybody!

Free food alert for people in the U.S: you can have a 2-piece grilled chicken meal at KFC for free!

Go to this website and get your coupon!
(click to zoom for more details)

The grilled chicken tastes delicious and it's a much healthier option than Colonel's good ole fried chicken.

Thank you Oprah for the hookup! Now, you know it's good to read my blog, right?

Note: Apparently the promotion is over! A lot of people went to KFC to get free food but you still get the meal for $3.99. I'm sorry you guys :(

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  1. i know those that get to kfc these days first feel like it's a proud achievement. man kfc's lines are always out of control because of this. i know popeyes is jealous!

  2. Hi Kia,

    I know, right? Some people told me they could not print out the coupons because so many people were online at the same time. Ah well, there's always another chance!


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