Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Winter Wish List

Hello my beauties,

How are you doing today? I hope everything is going well for you and we have only one more day before the weekend kicks in. Great, isn't it? Lately, I've been stressed out and become unmotivated in what needed to be done. Reflecting back on the success I had in the past, one common practice occurred: self-bribing! I set a goal, put a reward, and work hard toward it. Most times I broke the goals in record time. The last self-bribe I did was during NaNoWriMo: I brought myself a set of pearl necklace and stud earrings as a reward for finishing the 50K challenge. Needless to say, I did finish NaNo and was really happy with myself. Now comes the thesis writing which I am extremely uninspired, yet need to finish. So once again, self-bribing and this time it comes with a list.

1. MAC 187 Dual Fibre Brush ($42 USD):

Image courtesy of MAC cosmetics

From the first moment I saw this brush in summer 2005, I fell in love with it. MAC 187 brush probably is the most unique brush in this world with many immitations but none come close to the real deal. Even the 187 SE, which is the short handled version during the holiday collection, does not even perform the same way as its full-size version. The only thing that keeps me from getting this brush is the price tag: $42 USD, yikes!

For the record, I do have a 187 dupe from Everyday Minerals which was discontinued about a year ago. Although the dupe is good, it does not do quite a fantastic job to blend foundation. The one unique thing about this brush that makes me covet it so much is its versatility: the 187 can apply blush, MSF, glows, cream blush, and foundation like no others! Especially when it comes to foundation application, this brush will give you that airbrushed look. Have you ever wonder why MAC makeup artists have such flawless skin while using the same thing as you do? They use the 187, my dahlin', and you don't!

So having a 187 in the list, regardless of the price, is fueling my mad writing skillz. This brush is something I definitely get because if something I've been wanting since 2005, I'd better get it!

2. Origins Ginger Rush Intensely Hydrating Body Cream ($32.50 USD)
Image courtesy of Origins

Unlike others, I think I am quite late to jump into the Origins bandwagon. Last weekend, I cruized the mall and bumped into the Origins counter. After some sniffing and touching, I found myself loving the Ginger formula so much that I asked for a sample to carry home. Ginger Rush is a rich body cream that feels like a body butter than a lotion. The smell is very invigorating and relaxing at the same time. I found myself inhaling deeply to the fragrance and smiling at it. My stress seemed to melt away as well.

Origins body cream is highly hydrated while leaving my skin feeling smooth, not slimy. Most lotions I've tried either are not mosturizing enough or making my skin feel sticky. Needless to say, I do not prefer either way. Again, $32.50 is a lot of cash for a body cream but who knows, if I'm stressed enough I may break down and run to Origins!

3. Aveda Brilliant Conditioner ($18 USD)
Image courtesy of Aveda

Like body lotion, I have a strange standard when it comes to hair conditioner: it has to hydrate my hair without making it oilier than it already is. Everytime I go to Aveda, I get to use different products but the smell of Brilliant is what I really love. It smells earthy and rosy at the same time. I find Brilliant to be moisturizing and light at the same time. My hair still has that bounciness that I love, plus the softness and shine I do not anticipate. But again, $18 USD for a conditioner is kind of yikes to me. However, a bottle of conditioner does last me a very long time so once my ban is over, I will get it.

Speaking of the no-buy policy, I am proud to say that I'm keeping it well. Although the temptation is high, I did not buy even a single makeup, skincare, or body care item. I've used some products I bought a while ago and enjoy them. I found some makeup items I barely used and love them. My wallet is happy and I am happy. The ban works in many ways and I highly recommend that to all of y'alls out there who are struggling in the shopping department.

That's all for today, folks! Hopefully I will bring those babies home and do some reviews about them in the (near) future. What else do you love? Please let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

Take care and stay gorgeous,
Your Makeup Blogger

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  1. Dao,

    You might have tried this already but I have both the black handled and pink handled skunk brush from Coastal Scents and I really want to recommend the pink-handled one. I can't tell you if it's as good or better than the MAC one b/c I haven't tried the MAC skunk brush, but you know how my skin is and how putting on foundation in the summer is like trying to put on dried glue... it just won't blend!!! I use the pink skunk brush and it blends my mineral powder foundation so flawlessly on my face and my skin manages to breathe all day @_@ Coastal Scents brushes are super-cheap, too, as you already know :D

  2. Hi Alienman,

    Thank you for your rec from Coastal Scents. I actually heard a lot of nice things about that particular brush but a lot of people who have both brushes said that the MAC 187 is the best.

    I have an EDM skunk brush myself which is now discontinued and I have to say it's not a MAC! So I'm waiting patiently for the next MAC F&F sale for that brush.

    Once in a while I apply wet MMU with a skunk brush a wow, airbrushed makeup baby!

  3. I love Origins! Glad you finally tried it out! Though the ginger rush is good, I prefer the Ginger Souffle for everyday! Happy Vietnamese New Year to you too!

  4. Hi Steph,

    Ginger Rush worths the money because it is so thick and moisturizing, although ginger souffle is nice as well. I need to find funding for Origins, stat!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  5. If you sign up with their emails they send you a 10 off 25 on your birthday!

  6. Hi Steph,

    Thank you so much for the tip! I make sure to remember when my birthday is rolling around :)

  7. I got a brush like that from LA Minerals. It's fantastic! And it was half the price. It softer than feathers on your face. I use it for Veil, and other light mineral makeup.

  8. Hi,

    Thank you for the tip, I'll check it out!


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