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Everyday Minerals Cosmetic Wet Wipes: It's Good to be Clean

Happy Hump Day, my beautiful readers!

How are you doing today? I hope everything is going well with you this week because I'm feeling the pressure already! Lately, it's been cold in my place and I really do not like to touch water in the morning. Washing my face has become the thing chore instead of something I enjoy doing. However, since my last haul from Everyday Minerals, at least my morning ritual is not as nail biting as it sounds thanks to the cosmetic wet wipes that I bought.

Everyday Minerals Cosmetic Wet Wipes
80 counts, $3.75 USD

Ever since EDM launched this wipe in 2007-2008, I really wanted to try them but for some reasons never got to do so. Perhaps the reason was at the time, the wet wipes pack was not included in a kit but a stand alone item. I did not have the need to buy any a la carte item since they are quite expensive then getting from a kit. However, I keep tabs of what I wanted and by the time EDM offered such an extravagant discount and GWP, I decided to add one to my cart.

In my life, I am not such a big fan of cosmetic wipes and the two brands of wipes I've ever used are MAC wipes (duh!) and Ponds wet wipes. The later one is significantly cheaper than the first one and does the job perfectly fine. Wipes to me are reserved for emergency situations only, such as travelling and late night makeup removals. Since the TSA has made it so difficult to travel with liquids, wipes are the way to go. Also, once you use them up, you don't need to carry anything home with you. Moreover, they are so convenient to take off all the makeup when you just want to crash in your bed (sleeping with a face full o' makeup is not good, y'all!)

The reason I am not fond of wipes is pretty simple: most of them are not made from biodegradable materials. Once you use a wipe, it becomes trash to the environment and enough of them will give us land fields. So I tend to wash my face the traditional way with face wash, water, and washcloth. But once in a while I need a wipe and you will find some in my house being dried up and all!

So what makes the EDM wipes so different that I became giddy with them?

See how huge it is?

First of all, EDM has become an environmentally concious and vegan makeup company so their products carry on their philosophy. The wipes are biodegradable, flushable, and compose of natural and organic ingredients.
Ingredients: purified water, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, lavender hydrosol, organic lavender essential oil, organic grapefruit essential oil, extracts of green tea, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, grapefruit seed extract, citric acid.
EDM advertised that it can be used for babies as well as adults. I find the smell is somewhat similar to that of baby wipes. However, the cloth texture is a bit different: not as soft as MAC wipes or plushy as Ponds wipes. It is kind of like a thinner and rougher version of Viva towels that I really love. I do love the smell of these wipes with lavender being the dominant fragrance. I could not detect grapefruit or green tea at all.

"How well does it clean?" you may ask. Well, very well for mineral makeup and non-waterproof mascaras.

This is called devotion, people!
Who would take a picture of a dirty wet wipe to put on the internet?

I used a wipe to remove all my MMU and mascara and it did an awesome job to take everything off my face. I used another wipe just in case but it came clean so the first one already did its job well. After "washing" my face with the wipe, my skin does not feel grimmy or soapy but refreshed. MAC and Ponds wipes tend to dry my skin out afterward but EDM version does not do so. Moreover, I did not get any breakouts from the wipes, which is a big fat plus.

Right now it is not seen in the website and I don't know if it's just out of stock or they are in the process of redo their skincare line. I really pray for the first one because Natural Reflections are back in stock for now. I really love these wipes and would order it again, although a pack will take me a long time to finish.

My rating: B+, if the cloth is softer I would have given it an A.

The current special is really good: 9% off total order, purchases over $25 USD after discount get two sample eyeshadows (which are the same size as full-size ones elsewhere!) The code is goldenglobes and expiration date is unknown.

Woa, so many reviews lately! I think I need to post a FOTD or something, don't you think?

Happy hunting, everyone! And remember to stay gorgeous, ok?

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  1. i love these wipes. i used to have some but ran out. the only thing i don't like is that they can dry out very quickly since the only thing keeping it shut is the "sticker" on the front =( i wish they could fix it or put it in a tiny container so it'd stay moist longer =) but i do love the smell and hey, you can't beat the price! other ones in the stores cost double the price or more!

  2. Hi Spankedelic,

    I know, right? It's so affordable but the sticker is a bit annoying. You can store it inside an old baby wipe box to prevent drying out.

  3. I rarely use wipes cos it's hard to find some that remove ALL makeup but these sound great! I hope they will be back in stock soon.

  4. Hi Gio,

    Like you, I rarely use wipes but this one I love. Mineral makeup is easier to remove than traditional makeup btw, so it may take me more wipes to get them off. However, I haven't used traditional foundation for more than a year so I really don't know.

  5. It is and taking out make up is also as essential as applying them.These seem to be good.

  6. Hi Moist wipes,

    It is very good but I don't think EDM sells them anymore. I'm still looking for something like this.

  7. EDM advertised that it can be used for babies as well as adults. I find the smell is somewhat similar to that of baby wipes. That's why I stopped using these products from EDM.

    nitrile exam gloves

  8. I tried to use this everyday minerals cosmetic wet wipes for the removal of my make up and yes i feel so clean after that. I will buy this again because i really like there wet wipes.


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