Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ask My Makeup Blog: Victoria Beckham Edition

Once in a while I got a question from one of my beloved reader about makeup and this time around, Ivinea from France emailed me and this is what she wrote:

I'm French, and I came across your blog by chance, as I was looking for info about Victoria Beckham...and I'd like to know: do you happen to know what type of make up Vic uses, for instance which eyeshadow colours does she usually wear, or what she puts on her cheekbones, what gloss/lipstick on her lips etc. I think her make up is perfect and makes her look so gorgeous! I know my questions aren't easy to answer, but maybe do you have some ideas about her beauty secrets as far as make up is concerned at least ;)
Dear Ivinea,

Geeze, I am so happy! Finally my blog goes global! People from France wrote to me, of all the people in the world! Cheesus Crust Banana, tell me I'm dreaming!

Alright, enough of the giddiness! As soon as I saw her email, I immediately know where to find the answer. After all, I love V. Becks (or Vicki B) very much. Her style is full of fierceness and so is her makeup! I remember reading somewhere about the products that she often uses and it dawned on me: Marie Claire! I read MC every month and have a subscription. They definitely featured her somewhere in some recent issues. After some minutes of digging, this is what I found:

MC October Edition with Lindsay Lohan on the cover
(I white out my address as it's a subscription!)

Well, Ivinea: I hope you're happy because V. Becks did open up her stash for us to see!

Close up look at the pix I took from the magazine, click for a bigger image

Victoria Beckham: Fragrance Mogul
Her haircuts make headlines and her husband makes her the world's most famous soccer mom. So with makeup and hairstylists from London to L.A. at her beck and call, it's no wonder she has a field day with beauty rituals. "I think I'm due for a change, but I just can't decide what to do," she says. "I look at pictures of people who've had the same hair for years. I'd love to do that, but I'd just get incredibly bored." Watch this space for Posh's next look. Meanwhile, spend it like Beckham and get her beauty essentials:

1. Marc Jacobs bag: "Marc's accessories are fantastic. I also collect Hermes bags. If I have a daughter someday, I'll pass them down to her. And, no, I'm not pregnant!"
2. Yonka Paris Fruitelia moisturizer:
"I use a lot; I have dry skin."
3. La Prairie Cellular Radiance eye cream:
"David uses this, too."
4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream:
"Just a little on the edges of my eyelashes makes them look long and dewy."
5. Beckham Signature for Her:
"I'm a girl's girl. I know how we want to smell, and this is my interpretation."
6. Bliss Glamour Glove Gel and Gloves

7. Dermalogica Solar Defense sunscreen:
"People in Hollywood are obsessed about protecting their skin. My face is never in the sun."
8. MAC Lustreglass in Instant Gold:
"If I go heavy on the eye makeup, I'll go paler on the lips. It's like wearing a really short skirt, then choosing a top that downplays your chest."
9. DVB sunglasses:
"I like them big because they hide a multitude of sins."
10. & 11. Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Shadow in 7; Fluid Sheer in 2

12. Body Shop Mango Body Butter:
"I've got someone who makes house calls for my spray tanning; I use this to maintain the color."
"David always looks at my toiletries and asks, 'What on earth do you do with all that stuff?'"
Also, Victoria has her own team or hair stylist, makeup artist, and style advisor to make her look glamorous all the time. We mere mortals don't have our glam squad so I think as long as we keep on trying, we'll eventually get there. Another product that she uses but not put in the list is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat which is a very good highlighter and under eyes concealer. It's a little bit pricey ($40 USD) and I'm curious about how it works.

For skincare, V. Becks also flies to Japan once in a while to enjoy this special facials (and sometimes David goes with her as well!) With or without makeup, she looks incredibly good! She also has a makeup line sold in Japan called V-Sculpt. What else didn't she do?

Alright ladies and gents, that's all for today. I would like to thank Ivinea for sending me the question. If you have any questions for me regarding makeup, skincare, and beyond, feel free to email or comment. I'd love to hear from you.

As always, keep the faith! (Oops, that's from Tavis Smilie!) I mean, stay gorgeous!

Your Makeup Blogger

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  1. hi Dao!

    thank you so much for answering so fast! I'm really happy that I chanced on your blog, it's definitely worth it. The answer you posted is perfect I must say, you've done a great job...
    Of course as you mentionned it, we mere mortals don't have genius make up artists and hairdressers at our disposal each and every single day like Vic. B. does, but I'm sure that using the right products is major.

    I'm really happy to know what gloss she uses, and I absolutely adore Mac cosmetics, they're perfect...two days ago I was in one of their shops to buy Xmas presents, and one of the make up artists applied make up on my eyes, just to try, I loved it, they're so talented! By the way, I highly recommend going to Mac shops during Xmas time, because they do some special offers in limited editions.

    here's what I chose :

    I've been longing to try the touche éclat from YSL for a long time, I heard it was a great product, but it's so expensive...maybe Xmas time is a good period to get it!

    anyway, again thank you Dao, and I'll tell you when I try any of the products you listed!

    see you soon,


  2. Hi Ivinea,

    Wow, you give such a nice comment. I hope you're having a lot of fun with your new MAC product :)


Dear Dao...


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