Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles The Sure Thing

During my last trip to Marshall's to try to get a clutch, I found something very interesting and absurdly cheap: a Quickie Chronicles Palette from Too Faced Cosmetics called "The Sure Thing". Wow, that's a mouth-full for its title, isn't it? This palette was sold at Sephora for $16 USD, currently on sale at Beauty Crunch for $6.40 but wait for it... yours truly got it for $3.99 at Marshall's!
This palette looks like a small book and fits comfortably inside my palm

Inside has 2 lip glosses, 4 eye shadows, and a peachy blush
I was so tempted so I nicked a bit of the glosses to test them out, please ignore the dents :)

The swatch (top-bottom):
4 eye shadows in brown, green, pink, and yellow; plus a peachy-pink blush

While the eye shadows are sheer, they are soft and blendable. However, it takes a while to build up the color intensity to what I want. The blush is very gorgeous and super flattering.

The two lip glosses have the texture of lipsticks rather than lip glosses. I find them very moisturizing and long lasting.

The lighter color is peach-nude and very lovely

The darker color is fuchsia pink but very wearable. It's my favorite color out of the two.

Pardon for my chapped lips as I was playing with a whole bunch of lipsticks and the end result was not that pretty. The lip glosses from this set are comfortable to wear and not sticky. I think the glosses and the blush are the stars of the set whereas the eye shadows need more improvement. The Quickie Chronicle palette is small enough to stow away in a small clutch for parties or a weekend getaway. Currently Too Faced has a mini collection of 8 Quickie pallets for $59.10 USD. I think these cute makeup booklets make nice stocking stuffers or gifts for friends and colleagues.

A quick FOTD using all the stuff from this nifty palette


  • Green e/s all over the lid, brown e/s on the outer-v and contour slightly to 1/2 the eyelid, pink e/s to contour the inner half of the eye, and yellow e/s to highlight.
  • (not shown) brown eyeliner (MAC Teddy)
Cheeks: the peachy-pink blush in the palette. It is so soft and pigmented and I just love this blush so much!

Lips: darker lipgloss all over the lips and lighter lipgloss at the middle of the lips to create the pouty looking lips.

Another look at the FOTD
"What chu lookin' at?"

That's all for today y'all! I've been super busy and there are tons of photos in my computer that need to be processed. I wish a day had 48 hours for me to finish everything I want to do. I hope you have a good day.

Take care,
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