Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sephora Brand The Lash Stash: Perfect for Mascara Addicts

Who are addicted to mascaras? Who want long eyelashes? Who want to try a lot of good mascaras out there without breaking the bank?

When I was web cruising at Sephora, I saw this wonderful product that I thought would nurture the lash obsession that I have. Since discovering the eyelash curler and mascara, my life has changed dramatically and for once, people started noticing my eyes. Mascaras have that power to open up your peepers and make you look wide awake. However, the journey for the perfect mascara involves kissing a lot of frogs as well as spending a lot of money. Sephora, being the awesome genius that they are, decided to group the best-selling mascaras and sell them in travel (mini) size for you to try. And they call it "The Lash Stash", how awesome is that?

The newest edition of "The Lash Stash"
Image courtesy of Sephora

In this edition, you get to try 10 mini size mascaras for $35 USD. That's the cost of one or two full-size, high end mascaras. Come to think of it, I may go ahead and buy this collection from Sephora because:
  • that's $3.50 USD a mascara! I can't even get a decent one at drugstore at that price.
  • when was the last time I finish a tube of mascara? Never! So it's more economical to buy the smaller version and use.
  • that's enough mascara for a year (or more.) If I get it, I can forget about mascara shopping for the whole year.
The 10 mascaras included in the kit are:

  • 0.12 oz Smashbox Bionic Mascara;
  • 0.10 oz Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara;
  • 0.11 oz Vincent Longo The Curl Mascara;
  • 0.10 Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara;
  • 0.13 oz Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point Mascara;
  • 0.10oz Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara;
  • 0.32 oz Urban decay Big Fatty Mascara;
  • 0.13 oz DuWop Lash Venom Mascara;
  • 0.13 oz Korres Deep Colour Mascara;
  • 0.17 oz Cargo Texas Lash Mascara
From what I've heard so far, the Smashbox, Sephora, Vincent Longo, Too Faced, Urban Decay, and DuWop mascaras are great. I can't wait to try them and this kit is in my wish list right now. So ladies, if you are lash-obssesed like me, this is a good kit for you.

Take care my beauties and see you soon,
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  1. I got an email about this yesterday too. Too much mascara for me though. I don't hardly use mine and I have just one.

  2. Hi Kaolee,

    If your lashes are long and full, you don't need mascaras (and I envy that!) For me, my lashes look almost non-existent if I don't have on me 1000 coats of mascaras. I think this is a good deal for mascara fanatics out there.

  3. The collection of mascaras look nice, but I'm a cheapo right now... lol~ I will have to pass but I can't wait to hear your reviews when you get them! :)

  4. Hi Alyssa,

    Aw, thanks! You're so sweet but I don't know when I'm going to get them. My mom would yell at me if she knew I open 10 tubes of mascara at the same time :)

  5. Omfg thank yooooou for the reccomendation! I am ALWAYS looking for ways to get MORE LENGTH out of my lashes. <3

  6. Hi University Princess,

    It's nice to hear from you, thanks for commenting and nice to meet you! Finally, someone is a mascara addict like me! I think this set will help a lot to find the HG mascara.


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