Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lippie Week- Day 3: Avon Glazewear Lipstickin Champagne Glow

I have to confess: it is not easy to choose 5 lip products as your top-5 favorite! Each of them have their own stories and significance that make them unique. From time to time, one tend to be used more than another but needless to say, I love them all. Today's choice was a difficult one because (a) it's a lipstick, (b) there are other lipsticks in my collection that deserve merit as well, and (c) it was not created as an original idea but more of a dupe.

So what lipstick I'm talking about? It's Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Champagne Glow! First of all, as we all remember vividly, I am not a fan of lipsticks because they are drying. Only when I discovered MAC lustre lipsticks that I started using them again. However, most lipstick brands out there are very pigmented and drying, not pigmented enough and drying, or not pigmented but not drying. It is very difficult to find a lipstick that is both pigmented and not drying. Avon glazewear lipstick formula is one of the few that satisfies my need of a pigmented lipstick that moisturizes my lips. On top of that, it shines like a gloss which is a bonus. However, as I mentioned earlier, the glazewear formula is not Avon's original idea: it's a very good modification of MAC slimshine! Shocking, isn't it? Avon even went arms and length to copy the texture as well as the design of Slimshine and they're quite successful at doing so.

Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Champagne Glow
MAC Slimshine
Image from Conde Nast Interactive

Don't worry, you're not seeing doubles! Avon Glazewear lipstick and MAC Slimshine are indeed doppelgangers. The same black casing, the same half-lipstick, half-lip gloss texture, the same shine, the same slim shape. The only difference is their prices: a MAC slimshine will cost you $14 USD while an Avon Glazewear lipstick will only take away 8 dollars from your pocket. Better yet, Avon always have sales where you can get these babies for around 3-4 dollars each! Score!

My favorite Glazewear lipstick is in Champagne Glow. This lipstick is my favorite nude lippie as it matches my lip color perfectly. Moreover, it does not have that crunchy texture of lipstick but more of a comfortable feel and look of a lip gloss. It shines like there's no tomorrow and I do not need a lip gloss on top of it at all. I just apply it and go in a simple 1-step maneuver.

A lip swatch, see how shiny it is?

The color is very interesting: part pink, part peach, and a bit of brown with some shimmer. The texture is very glossy and the feel is extremely comfortable. I have to emphasize that it feels like a moisturizing lip gloss or lip balm on my lips. The one and only downside is the smell: Avon does put an interesting apricot-y smell to this product which is not really offensive to me. For those of you who prefers a scent-free lipstick, you may not want to try this. However, the smell does quickly go away.

Avon has about 20+ colors in Glazewear lipstick category that you can try and love. I personally think this color is suitable for everyone regardless skin color and skin tone. It's my perfect nude color that I love, and I hope you will do too. If you already used Glazewear lipsticks, I'd love to hear about your experience in the comment section.

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  1. i love avon. i'm hooked on their Mark line of lip glosses. my fave is "pink" crush. or sumthin like that.

    ryc: thanks for dropping by my blog and for your encouraging words! and you're right -- it's never too late.

  2. Hi Gezebel,

    Thank you for coming here, you don't know how long I've been lurking around :) I've never tried Mark stuff though, I make sure I'll get some of 'em on my next order.

  3. I really need to stay away from blogging... lol~ I'm always tempted to buy things. :X

    Banana sauce is Filipino's ketchup. It taste like ketchup with some spiciness. It's pretty good! :)

  4. Hi Alyssa,

    It's a challenge, I know. Your blog is really nice, you should not stop blogging. Thank to you, now I know what banana sauce is.

  5. Where can I buy Avon stuffs without contacting the sales rep ?!

  6. Hi girl,

    I buy stuff at their website and just choose one sales rep as my representative as Avon forces me to. I've never talked to that person :) You can also get Avon from but it's more expensive there.

  7. Heyy Dao, im thinking of ordering Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Gypsy Red but I haven't seen it in person. Im not so sure if its that bright or its darker than what it appears in the brochure. I kinda dont know what to expect.. Hopefully it is the same as the one shown in the brochure :) i dont know if it will suit me as Im only 17 and i have a slight olive skin tone. i would love to hear an opinion from you. Thanks for posting this! :D


Dear Dao...


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