Monday, August 11, 2008

Smokey Eyes the Easiest Way!

Perhaps the smokey eyes look is one of the classic looks that never goes out of style. Once in a while it came back and dominated the runway. For the past two or three fall seasons, the smokey eyes look has been there. This year, although metallics is in, smokey eyes look is not totally out of trend just yet!

I love doing smokey eyes very much because it gives me the instant-sexify look à la Angelina Jolie without a lot of mess. Recently, Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog (link on my blog roll) posted an entry about super lazy eye makeup that prompted me to do a smokey eyes look with the least amount of effort and materials.

What I used on my eyes:
  • Bare Canvas paint pot applied all over the lid about 4 thin layers
  • Clinique high impact eyeshadow in Carbon, or any dark eyeshadow that you have (no need to use black if you don't like the color!)
  • Cover Girl LashBlast mascara
  • MAC 237 brush
  • MAC 219 pencil brush (optional)
  • Sonia Kashuk blending brush (crucial brush in this look!)
I used only 2 colors and 3 brushes for the whole look, as simple as that! Here's the walkthrough

After applying Bare Canvas, I used my MAC 237 (or a regular shadow brush) to apply the black eyeshadow like in the picture. It looks really weird at this point but do not worry, it's going to look better after blending

Using my blending brush, I start blending the black color away from where I initially applied it and more toward the inner corner of my eyes... look like this!
The key idea here is to blend the crap out of the black eyeshadow to make it look smokey, like how smoke comes up to the air.

This is how my eye looks when opened
Optional: you can use the pencil brush to line the lower lashes.
Since I have deep set eyes, I just skip this step.

The finished look: I paired with pink blush and nude lipstick
et voila, c'est fini!

Note: when you do the smokey eyes, feel free to apply as much mascara as your heart desires. I usually just go wild on the mascara and apply about 4 coats! It really increases the drama on the look.

The whole time I spent on this look, including taking photos, was less than 10 minutes! It's simple and super easy yet very elegant and also dramatic. This look is perfect for a night time event. If used a dark shade of brown, it's a very elegant daytime look.

My big "Thank You" goes to Karen for inspiring me. I skipped the champagne eyeshadow and just used paint pot, it saves me some time and the color stays better.

This is the easiest way to do smokey eyes, y'all! Unless there's another way to do it with 1 color and 1 brush, this shall remain the easiest (for now!) I didn't need to line my lashes either since the dark shadow took care of it very well. Easy and lazy, that's kind of my style.

Take care and happy Monday! Wishing you a productive week ahead!
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  1. Yay! You're a monolid just like me!

    Nope, I was never asked permission to have that article posted. I don't mind the interview itself being up there b/c I totally believe in the message she's trying to convey. I just wish she'd asked before putting my name on there. She's scary, though, and I don't want to contact her again T_T

    I don't mind the link exchange, btw :) I'm flattered and honored that you've been reading my blog and that you want to exchange links! I won't be posting on this blogspot anymore, though. I'll be at from now on. The blogroll isn't up, yet, but I'm working on it!

    Thanks for coming by :)

  2. Hi Alien Man,

    Just checked out your new website and it looks really cute! It's kind of strange that she did not ask you permission yet published it online.

  3. Hi Dao! Tabs and I just thought we'd stop by (he's sitting on my lap right now). ;) You look really pretty and chic here!

  4. DAO! sooo pretty, i love me some smokey eyes. its my favorite look.

  5. Hi Karen and Tabs,

    Thanks for stopping by! How's Tabs doing today? I really dig your idea of a fast eye makeup look.

  6. Hi Jaimie,

    Thanks girl! I love the smokey eyes look too, and when it's easy to do like this, I can rock it whenever I want :)

  7. Me toooooo ! - hug -


  8. Hi Van em,

    Awe, you're so sweet! Hug back :)

  9. haha, yea, well it's not like there's anything there that could really make me look bad, tho.... i hope T_T

    as for my website, i WISH i could take the credit but the theme was picked out from hehe

    thanks for tuning in :D

    i'm always keen on meeting new bloggers :D

  10. Hi Alien Man,

    Thanks for coming back! She sounds like somebody I know but anyways, people like that do not change.

    We'll be keeping in touch, definitely. Wordpress is really nice, I almost did my blog there but Blogger kinda gives me more leeway.


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