Saturday, January 23, 2010

GILTY Pleasures Weekly Blog Tour: Vol 3, 2010

Hi everybody,

Happy weekend! I hope all is going well for you. As you already know, I am a member of the GILTY Pleasures weekly blog tour. Every week, we compile a list of our A-game posts for your own perusal. To be a member of this tour, all you need to do are post frequently and know a little bit about HTML codes. If you are interested, please let me know. I enjoy being a part of this web tour tremendously and hope you will take this invitation and be a part of this tour as well.

Alison of the Advice Sisters featured a post about an innovation for single travelers on Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian EPIC, a cruise ship unlike any other sailing today and launching in the Summer of 2010

Lisa of Bridalease is Eco-friendly with some suggestions for both brides and grooms.

Ageless Elaine's Secret Make-up Tip Are you over 35?Now don't you look radiant, healthy, and glowing?

Don't forget to enter The Informed Makeup Maven's Valentine's Day giveaway featuring MAC, Kevyn Aucoin, Napoleon Perdis, Stila and Revlon.

Dao from My Makeup Blog found her new HG lip balm: ChapStick Fresh Effects

Gio from Beautiful With Brains talks about natural preservatives in beauty products.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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  1. Hey, I know you have some Loew Cornell brushes that you use for makeup and I was wondering how you cleaned them? I bought some make up cleaner from Sally's Beauty Supply but some of my brushes like my Maxine Mops and Soft grips are stained and the makeup wont come off. Any tips? Thank you!

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Since the LC brushes I have are made of goat hair, I find shampooing them is the way to go. You can search "brush cleaning" in my blog. I wrote some couple of entries about this. If your brushes are really filthy, use some mild dish washing detergent on them and they will look fine and dandy.

  3. Hey girl, you have not post in a few days...I hope your friend is doing okay. Take care!

  4. Hello T,

    Thanks for your concern. I'll post again next week. My mind is all over the place at this point.

  5. I hope you're okay. You need to update your posts... hehe~ :)

  6. Hi Alyssa,

    Yeah, I started blogging again this week :) Thanks for reminding me!


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