Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello Kitty for MAC: Pictures

Happy Friday, everyone!

Remember this post, anyone? Well, it is coming true! If you wish (or bitch, moan, complain, whine) hard enough, your dream will come true. In my case, beware of what you wish for because with Hello Kitty LE collection from MAC, my wallet is going to be a lot lighter. Hello Kitty is the cutest cat on earth and it simply makes sense for Sanrio to collaborate with MAC for a makeup collection.

Traditionally, MAC releases a cartoon LE collection at the beginning of the year starting from Barbie Loves MAC and following with Fafi collection last year. This year, a lot of young women's dreams are coming true with the release of this HK collection. MAC releases two versions of the HK LE: the regular ones for regular folks and the more expensive, blinged up one called Kitty Koutour.

Promo picture #1

Promo picture #2

Promo picture #3

Click "Read More" for some more orgasm-induced makeup!

Eyeshadow quad in Lucky Tom

Beauty Powder Blush, yay!
(These come once in a while and if your skin likes MAC powder, you should get one.)

Brush holder and LE brushes, what the kawaiiness!

One of the lipsticks
Unlike Fafi collection, HK products are not stickered on and the back of the lipstick has the face of HK engraved. I plan to get one of this when it came out just for the kawaiiness.


Nail polish with HK at the front, so cute!

Makeup bag is going to sell faster than hot cakes, I'm tellin' ya!

HK Doll, it's strange to see HK in black. I'm used to the white and pink one.

Another shot of the doll, maybe it's a promo pix?

HK purse? Perfect for your pre-teen girl

It's in fact a mirrored compact!

Key chain, anyone?

And you know what the good part is? This whole collection is going to be released on the Valentine's week! So this year my dear ladies, you can tell your loved ones to forget about the roses and chocolates: some of the above items in a box probably will make your V-Day much better. To me, I am used to the pink and white Hello Kitty and this version for MAC does not encapsulate the kawaiiness that HK is all about. However, in my most humblest opinion, the cartoon collection usually one of the best LEs of the year, if not the best. I hope HK will not let me down. Last year's Fafi collection marked the beginning of my infatuation with paint pots but this collection does not have any. However, I've been drawn more to lipsticks lately so I hope to get some cute ones from HK.

Last but not least, I declare a challenge on myself today: No more makeup purchasing until Hello Kitty Collection! I've been buying makeup here and there non-stop since Thanksgiving, not a lot but still a lot. Now it's time to recover and really enjoy what I got instead of cluttering my room with more and more makeup. That means I will have a month of non-buying for me. Can I do it? Will my will power strong enough? The only way to find out is to continue reading my blog. And oh, btw, while you are at it, please subscribe to my feed. I am planning some giveaways this month, for real!

All the pictures in this entry are courtesy of Veronica's blog. Thank you so much, Veronica!

Have a nice weekend, my dear lovely ladies (and gents.) Take care and stay gorgeous!

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  1. hi, i've been visiting your site for some time now but just haven't really had any reasons to post. i just wanted to say that i sooo want the hello kitty set! thanks for posting it.
    btw, i enjoy reading your reviews..i've learned a lot from you! thanks!!

  2. Hi Mother of 2,

    Thank you for writing the comment, it's nice to hear from you! This LE collection is really cute and I'm glad you enjoy it as well. You're so sweet, I'm glad you like my blog :)

  3. One word...Adorable!! Make that two words...Freakin Adorable:)
    I love the look of the Black Hello Kitty..makes something that is cute-sy into something kind of sleek and cool:)

  4. Hi Crystal,

    LOL, I know! HK is so adorable that a lot of us is going broke in February! I'm lemming on the lipsticks :)

  5. I so think you can wait to buy the kit! You can do it!

    I'm usually cheap with money when it comes to buying makeup, but those are so cute! I'll have to buy at least one thing!

  6. Hi Kaolee,

    Yes, I am trying to resist the temptation which is really difficult! Thanks for the encouragement :)

  7. nice, i like it!!

  8. Hi Letsbeauty,

    Thank you, me too!

  9. Hi Dao,

    Great job on the new layout! It looks beautiful. :)

    Have a fantastic week!

  10. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm glad you like the new layout :)


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