Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't Mess with the Vampire: a Halloween FOTD

Hello ladies,

"Halloween FOTD? What are you talking about?", you are wondering. I know today is the day before Halloween and I'm just having a makeup rehearsal for tomorrow. To me, Halloween is pretty much uncelebrated because I don't find it fun to see everyone and anyone dressing up like Paris Hilton. Also, it is not practical to spend a lot of money on costumes, wigs, and makeup just for one day. So usually I just dig out what I have in my wardrobe and wear them on Halloween. Let's see: lab coat-check, graduation gown with mortar board-check, funky dresses-check. You see, lot's of Halloween-worthy materials there.

This year I was wondering what I would do for Halloween and then it struck me: why not making a vampire look? After all, I have lots of black shirts and pants in my wardrobe already, too many of them by the way. Also, I need to wear that leather jacket I bought last year. According to some movies, vampires are fashionable creatures and I already have the clothes in my closet. No need to buy anything, yay!

I was inspired by Kate Beckinsale in Underworld when I created the look. That movie is one of my favorite vampire movies of all time, although I prefer reading than watching movies.

The girl can kick some major booties in that movie.
Love ya, Kate!

The Vampire look as interpreted by Dao
"I'm licking my lips and you're going to die!", she said.

Fang not included, this is a very wearable night look. I pair two dramatic elements together to pump up the drama: smokey eyes and red lips. The lips, however, come with a twist: if you look closely, they resemble the "just bitten" look. I'm going to break it down after the jump.

1. The eyes: it's a smokey eyes look that I described here.

Close up on the eyes

Products I used:
  • Revlon Color Stay eyeliner in black smudged by MAC 219 brush;
  • The She Space Stolen Soul eyeshadow applied over smudge black liner using the same brush;
  • NYX ultra pearl mania in Charcoal to contour;
  • The She Space Happy Birthday Chris applied above Charcoal and blend together using a blending brush;
  • The She Space Go to Shop to highlight using the blending brush;
  • Jane be pure gel liner to line the eyes using MAC 366 brush;
  • False eyelashes from Ardell for some extra drama.
2. The Lips:

For a vampire lip look, you need: (1) NYX Gardenia lipstick, (2) Mary Kay signature lipstick in Raisinberry, (3) Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Pink Bouquet, and (4) lip brush (MAC 316)

Step 1: apply red lipstick using a lip brush to ensure even application

Step 2: thoroughly clean the lip brush with a tissue paper, then apply the darker lip color (Raisinberry) to the center of your pucker as drawn above. Then blend the colors together.

Step 3: Apply lipgloss all over the lips, concentrating on the outline of your lips for a luscious look

...and voila, whose neck do I want to bite?

The look again, no cheek color neccessary as I aimed for a ghastly look.

Flashin' some "gang sign", you'd better peace out before I bite you!

Since this is a dress rehearsal, there are many ways to improve this look. First of all, I would consider contouring my face a bit more since I don't use any blushes. Secondly, I would go for a lighter foundation (I used Grace 3.5 in this look) and maybe use a ghastly-looking finishing powder. Also, I need some fangs to go with the look. My natural teeth do not have enough cut for the look. Last but not least, I need a new concealer for those shadows under my eyes.

Well, what do you think? Please give me some constructive criticisms, it's T-1 here! And I'm sorry for some of the brighter-than-bright pictures. As I was trying to get some good snapshots of the red lips, I had to lighten up the exposure, resulting in some really bright pictures.

That's all for today ladies, now I'm going grocery shopping with this look to scare the poor people away >:)

Have fun,
Your Makeup Blogger

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  1. I like the way you did with your eyes. They look fabulous. Can you show me again? Thanks!
    Ngoc Ha

  2. Hi Ngoc Ha,

    I'm so happy that you like the eyes. The step by step instruction is here but I used different products this time. Also I added some false eye lashes for fun.

  3. You look gorgeous! I love teh way you did the lips and red looks great on you.

  4. Hi Gio,

    Ooh, thank you so much girl! I particularly love this red lipstick (Gardenia from NYX). Most red lipsticks tend to make me look pale. Funny thing: I went grocery shopping and nobody got scared from the look. I guess I need some fangs :)

  5. You look good with red lipstick! :)

  6. Hi Alyssa,

    Thank you so much, that's my favorite (and only) red lipstick :)

  7. vampire is a great costume. you wear red lips well!

  8. Hi Kia,

    Thank you so much girlfriend! I wish I can rock the red lipstick look everyday ;)

  9. eye make up is really good. Lips are kissable


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