Thursday, August 6, 2009

Radiance FOTD

Hi everybody,

Remember the hair post I did last week when y'all liked my leather flower so much? Turns out the flower was not the only thing I love in that post. The makeup itself was so pretty and so simple that I have to talk about it.

After expressing my unequivocal love to Rubenesque paint pot (and I guess only makeup addicts can make such claims!), I decided to play around with my new acquisition and MAC Amber Lights (my crack on rye bread.) And guess what? The peachy-pink from Rubenesque plays really well with the golden-peach Amber Lights. I then used a MAC 217 to blend Amber Lights and Warming Trend on my crease, and highlighted with EDM Wet Sand blush (yes, it's a blush, I'm not kidding you!)

And I ended up looking like this:

Pretty, ya?

Close up at the eye

Semi-close eye

Another shot at my face

The key to this look is blending: without it, this look would not look as complex as it is. The fact that I only use 2 eye shadows on the lid and crease and manage to look rich probably is the testimony to the prowess of MAC 217. I would not get this look otherwise, serious!

Other stuff I used:
  • Adorned with Grace mineral foundation in Grace 3.5 and EDM Sunlight kaolin clay as a primer;
  • AwG test blush #3 applied with AwG Ingenue sleek dual fiber brush;
  • MAC fluidline in Flashtrack applied with Loew-Cornell spot detailer brush;
  • L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen mascara;
  • L'Oreal HiP Color Presso in Swanky.
That's all, folks! I guess I finally found my favorite makeup look for summer and this is it: I love the simplicity and glow of this look. What do you think?


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  1. Hi Bailey,

    It's the magic of Amber Lights. I can't get enough of that color!

  2. This look is so pretty! And you're really tempting me to get the MAC 217 brush.

  3. Hi Gio,

    And you're tempting me to get those Sleek palettes. I guess we're even :) j/k! I really love the 217 now and if you can, please get it. It changes a lot of things in my eyes makeup routine.

  4. Ohhhh...I LOVE it. The colors do blend beautifully!

  5. Hi Adrienne,

    Thank you so much! Amber Lights and Rubenesque make a win-win combo.


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