Sunday, May 10, 2009

EcoTools Brushes: Ahmazin'!

Happy Monday, everybody!

How was your weekend? Mine was alright, I guess. Since I was under the weather most of the time last week, the weekend was an effort to recuperate. Don't worry, I feel a lot better now, thank to Alka-Setlzer cold medicine (for some reasons, Day/NyQuil stopped working on me a long time ago.) The Saturday I talked a bit to my brother and it was an interesting conversation. Lil' bro grows up a lot now, he talks like a teenager :) We dissed on American Idol but my brother is a sports guy.

Since I've heard about EcoTools many moons ago, I did not get a chance to check them out because (a) I could not find them anywhere near the Seven Hills, it's like the town is infiltratable by makeup tools or something, and (b) I did not bother to place an order online for these brushes. After all, I have 30+ brushes and they're all good, how awesome can these guys be, anyways?

Then one day I went to the gret Target, aka the mecca of my youth, lo and behold, EcoTools brushes were neatly stashed in a very hidden place in that heathy body care section. I squealed, made a jump, grabbed a set and mumbled "My precious!" while everybody around me thought I was crazy (ok, I made the last part up, I'm not Golum and this is not the set of Lords of the Ring!) I was so ecstatic that I even referred it to one girl who was looking for brushes at Sonia Kashuk section. Then I went home...

...without the brushes!

Now, you can call me crazy but I tried to practice some self-control by reminding myself how many brushes I already have. But then about a week ago, I gave in and took a set of EcoTools brushes home.

EcoTools Bamboo 6-piece brush set

Using my common assumption of makeup standard (aka "they suck!"), I predicted this brush would not live up to its high. And boy oh boy was I so wrong, they are "ahmazin' " (say it like Ellen Degeneres in Cover Girl commercial!) The brushes are made from synthetic fibers and they are softer than my teddy bear (I checked!). The handles are made of bamboo so they're smooth and lightweight. The ferrules are made of recycled aluminum and they are also lightweight yet sturdy. On top of that, I got a cute mini brush roll. All for $10.49 (actually, it's $10.99 per set at Target but I fished out a 50c discount coupon inside!)

The brush set

1. Blush brush:

This brush is really soft and it is so versatile. Although it is designed to use for blushes, I used for powder also. Since the bristles are dense, I tried to buff some mineral foundation and it worked very well. So from now on, I will take this brush with me when I travel. It eliminates the need for a kabuki, foundation, powder, and blush brush.

2. Eye Shading Brush

This brush is stiffer than my other eyeshadow brushes but it packs color well enough. Since it is stiff, I can't blend eyeshadows with it but I guess it works similar to MAC 239 brush, which is not a blending brush either.

3. Concealer Brush:

This one is my favorite of the bunch: it conceals my mineral concealers very well. I also tried it as an eyeshadow brush and guess what, it works both as a blender and a packer. I guess I get more use of this brush than anything else and hope EcoTools sell it separately.

4. Eyeliner Brush:

Since it is thicker and wider than my other liner brushes, it packs up color well and I foiled my mineral eyeshadow to use as a liner. The line was crisp and smooth. When I used it to color my eyebrows, it also works well.

5. Lash and Brow Groomer

I must admit not to use this type of tool that much: it is clunky and hard to store. Therefore, this brush just got washed and stored. I do not intend to use it that much, if at all. However, it is built sturdy enough to use.

Overall, I love this brush set a whole lot and hope to find my quality brushes like EcoTools'. At $10.99 per set, you cannot even get an eyeshadow or a lipstick at department stores these days, let alone a brush. My regret is not to get them sooner since the quality is excellent.

Price: $10.99 at Target, $12.99 at Walgreens, about $15 somewhere else.
My rating: A+, if I were Oprah, I would give y'alls free sets of EcoTools brushes ("You get makeup brushes, you get makeup brushes!")

Take care everyone, and I hope you'll have a good week ahead.

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  1. Yeah, they are good but I'm not that crazy about the eye shading brush. Mine doesn't pick up color well unless it's a pigment. They don't sell the concealer brush separate, but they have this awesome looking retractable kabuki. I've only seen it at Walgreens.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Since I use it with pigments, it works great. I don't know how well it works with regular colors though, need to give it a try :) I haven't seen the kabuki brush yet, my local Walgreens are slow.

  3. Hi Alyssa,

    Me too! You have the other set as well, right?

  4. Hi Van,

    Do you like yours? I love mine a whole lot!

  5. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  6. Hi Hapi,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Regular Nyquil/Dayquil doesn't work as well as the store brands on me. I thought they were the same but they all seem to have different effects on me.
    If I want to be knocked out for the night Walmart's store brand (Medic?) of nyquil is best.
    If i'm sick and need something to help me get through the day, CVS's brand of Dayquil works great!(Its the only brand of "dayquil" that works for me)
    Winn dixie has one called "Night time" that works well too.
    Glad to hear your feeling better!

  8. Hi Dao,

    How come you're not bloggin?


  9. Hey girl! Wrote you back in my comments where ya left one but wanted to say hello and see how you were doing! Its hard for me to get on here much but I will try to start visiting more often when I can :]

  10. Hi Jaq,

    Thank you for your survey of store brand Day/Nyquills :) After this post, I got sick again and this time it was even worse. But now I'm feeling a bit better.

  11. Hi Jen,

    Girl, thank you for your concern but I was sick out of my mind! I've been in bed for so long but now I'm feeling better.

  12. Hi Sara,

    You always have amazing makeup posts and I hope you'll post more frequently. I really like your style.


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