Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NYC Chroma Face Glow: Glow like J.Lo

Hi ladies,

How's everything going? It's been a couple of days since my self-imposed ban from buying makeup and I'm still going strong. Yesterday I drove by CVS and did not even come in! Drugstore makeup is getting better and better each day, which makes me almost stop buying from big department store brands. Who would have thought two years ago that one day there would be a drugstore item that's exactly the same as the most coveted MAC mineralize skin finish?

Well, ladies...it happened! NYC, my favorite discount drugstore brand, had a fall 2008 LE called Metro Metals and I was lucky enough to get the two face glows they offered called Sunstone and Moonstone at $4.99 USD each! Before I show you how they look like and etc, here's a little bit of detail between MAC MSF and I: although I really covet the MSF, I can't wear 'em! My adoration of these shimmering colors came when I saw a FOTD with Shimpagne and my mouth fell open: that MSF was so gorgeous! However, MSFs do not come cheap as the latest MAC LE (Redhead, Blond, Brunette) has 3 MSF priced at $28 USD! With tax it would come around $30! But at some point in my life, I did indeed owned an MSF (for about a week!) before returning it back to MAC because of the itch I felt every time I used the color.

On the left is MAC MSF in Light Flush from the N-Collection in regular lightning

Light Flush with flash, it was a very beautiful MSF and I felt bad to return it

If you've known MAC MSF, you understand how fast they are sold out. The fact that I got Light Flush was sheer luck: the MAC counter in town ran out of stock and restocked them without anybody knowing it. I just happened to ask and found the very last one they had. With that said, you can see how sad I was to return it back and after that, it became a love-hate relationship between me and MSF: I love you but I hate that I can't wear you! Moreover, owning an MSF is an investment because a pan is HUGE! But $30 is still a lot for a makeup item. When I finally saw the NYC Chroma Face Glows, I knew that I have to have them! They are as big as MAC's and a whole lot cheaper.

The packaging is similar to that of MAC MSF

NYC Chroma Face Glow in Moonstone (L) and Sunstone (R) in natural lightning

With flash
(I'm really sorry that all my pictures were posted side-way, Picassa has a way to play with me!)

Moonstone in natural lightning

with flash
Moonstone is a pale pink shimmering color that a lot of people recognize to be similar to MAC Petticoat MSF.

Sunstone in natural lightning

With flash
This is a reddish-bronzy color that is similar to MAC So Ceylon MSF. Having previous experience with Light Flush, I know Sunstone is about 2 shades darker but the finish is the same.

Skin swatch: Moonstone on top, Sunstone at the bottom

Overall, Moonstone is a really good highlighter as it gives you a healthy glow while Sunstone can be used as a blush. Compared to MAC, NYC did a really good job to create them but the pigmentation as well as shimmer is not as intense as the department store brand. In a sense, I like the Chroma Face Glows better for two reasons: they do not make my face feel itchy and they are really wearable. MAC MSF when not done right can be catastrophic: it will make your face look like a disco ball. However, as NYC glows are buildable, the chance to glow like mad is low. You will actually have that J.Lo glow that you crave with these products!

Can you still get it? It depends: my town is really small and I got Moonstone about 2-3 weeks ago. However, if you live in LA, NY or the D.C metro area, chances are they are already gone! These items are kind of popular underground and some people even mentioned petition to NYC to continue producing more of these. I sincerely hope they do because I do love them a lot! Finally I can wear MSF, yay! If you want to hunt for them, CVS is a good start because in my town, they are the ones to carry NYC makeup, including LE collections. You may even get them in deep discount, I know Alyssa did and she enjoys hers as well!

Take care ladies and as usual, stay gorgeous!

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  1. Great review at a good time. I've been thinking of getting something similar to the MAC MSF. Was it Jesse's Girl that had something like that, too?

  2. Hi Alienman,

    Thank you girlfriend, you're really sweet! I don't know about Jesse's Girl so I'm not sure. I just checked their website and didn't see anything similar.

  3. Oh you have Sunstone *jealous*... hehe~ I wanted that one as well. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one... hehe~ :)

  4. Hi Alyssa,

    I got Sunstone first and then when I was really happy with it, Moonstone came along. You may still get it although it may be a bit hard to find in your place.


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