Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time to Organize my Makeup Stash

After I started using mineral makeup, my makeup stash has grown significantly. Compared to traditional makeup, MMU is very affordable and you have the option to buy samples to try as well. Usually, these samples come in cute little 5 gram jars that are convenient to use. However, they takes up a lot of space inside my tiny train case. Knowing myself better, buying a bigger train case would give me excuses to buy more makeup so I sought out to find an organize solution for my mineral makeup stash.

Makeup organizing solutions

I've seen some beauty bloggers utilized bait boxes to house their mineral makeup. However, my local Target and Walmart do not sell these boxes and I need something similar to store my MMU. The container has to be visible enough for me to see what I have inside, big enough to store all my MMU, and comfortable enough for me to take the makeup out as well.

And guess what? The beading section in my local JoAnn's store has the perfect solution for $1.99 USD! I got Darice Craft Organizer during a sale event and see for yourself, this thing is awesome!

This craft organizer is sectioned to house 2-10gram jars or 3-3gram or 5 gram jars per section. There is one big section on the left hand side that can contain 3 bigger pigment jars about the size of MAC pigment jars.

This is how it looks without the cover
You can lay it flat like this or make it stand up as well.

The second Darice storage system I bought was the Bead Storage System with 30 empty jars. These jars probably can contain the same material as a 3-gram jar and they are clear so you can see through.
This is how it looks
The bead storage system's price is $7.99 USD

An empty jar is really tiny

The same jar with an eyeshadow sample inside

The problem between me and samples is as long as they are in their plastic baggies, I don't use them. Trying to take some pigments out of a tiny baggy is a pain and I do not want to contaminate those tiny samples when I foil them. Putting them in these little jars is much more convenient and the system costs the same as buying 3-gram jars online if you take shipping cost into consideration.

That's all for today, folks! I organized my stash, how about you? Do you have any other organizing ideas? If you do, please share with us, ok?

Have a wonderful day!
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  1. Oh man, I really need to figure something out for my stash. It's gotten ridiculous. I went to the craft store and couldn't find anything good.


  2. Hi Trisha,

    My stash is small compared to others so the Darice beading storage box is enough. You may need to look at the bait boxes sold at the fishing department. Or is it big enough to use the cart?

  3. This is a great storage idea! I need to buy something like that for my stash. It has been growing a lot lately.

  4. Hi Gio,

    Mine also grows as well! "Organizing the stash is good for the soul", that's my new moto :)

  5. Hi Dao,
    How did you read my mind? I was going to ask you the question of storage since I just received quite a few sample from Aromaleigh. I just hope my local bead sore has them.


  6. Hi Van,

    Thanks babe! I enjoy them very very much! How are you doing today?

  7. Hi MaiAnh,

    First of all, welcome! Secondly, I'm psychic, baby! That's how I know what you want :)

    j/k! I got mine at JoAnn's and I guess Michael's has them too. You have a bead shop in town? Awesome! Btw, I erased one of your duplicate comments. I hope you don't mind.

  8. oh girl i know what you mean about them being in the bags! its such a pain to stick my brush in there or waste pigment by dumping some out! LOL i think the bead jars are bigger than 3g jars they look like the size of MAC pigment jars! i was just at walmart yesterday going down the fishing aisle looking at the bait boxes! LOL the hubby was like "why do you need that you don't go fishing!" lol

  9. Hi Roxy,

    Your husband is so funny to state to obvious :D So did you get a bait box?

    Those cute jars are tiny, they're about the size of 1/2 my thumb and my thumb is small. They do look like MAC pigment jars though. I only transfer samples that have about 1/4 tsp, the little ones I let them be where they are :)

  10. Hi Kia,

    Thanks a lot! It's neat, isn't it?


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