Thursday, September 4, 2008

NYX Haul, Part 1: Eye Shadows

Last month I decided to get some products from NYX (pronounced /niks/) because I was curious of this company. Since I started blog hopping, a lot of beauty bloggers have been raving about NYX, some of whom including Pursebuzz and Enkore, who are hardcore MAC fans. I can't help but wonder what makes this company so great that everybody's talking about it? What took me so long to get my hands on some NYX is my town does not sell products from NYX, which you can normally find at Ulta and other drugstores. I was tempted to place an order at Cherry Culture but they increased the price and I wanted the best bang for my bucks. After some research, I found out Nonpareil Boutique is the place to buy. They shipped my order very fast and bubble wrapped everything! Plus the prices are much better than at Cherry Culture.

The whole order, I bet you've seen it before :)

Since there are a lot of products, I decided to split into 2 parts: the first part is going to cover the eyeshadow items that I purchased while the second part will cover the lip products which are lipsticks and a lip liner. Therefore part 2 will be much shorter. Before you click "Read More", please situate yourself so that you feel comfortable. It's going to be one heck of a long post today!

The first product in line is NYX trio eye shadows. These guys are really affordable at $5.75 USD/set at Nonpareil Boutique. They look like MAC eye shadows, aren't they? In fact, they are as pigmented as MAC's but a lot softer in texture. Hence, they are better for blending. I bought 3 of them in Perpetual, Shangri-la and Copper-Rust-Bronze.

All three trios hang out together

Perpetual looks like something out of Cult of Cherry

Shangri-la is the most interesting trio with yellow, orange, and pink

Copper-Rust-Bronze is a pretty palette, they shine like your pretty pennies!

NYX single eye shadows are packed in cute square boxes. The ones I bought are in the new packages with eyeshadows textured to look like little pillows (at least to me!) The old ones just have flat surfaces. Like the trios, these eyeshadows are really pigmented and blends very well. At $3.85 USD each, it is a steal!

I bought 3 single eye shadows in Champagne, Morocco, and Oro

  • Champagne is a very gorgeous eyeshadow that glows like Nicole Kidman's skin! It's an excellent all-over eyelid color or highlighter. You've got to get it if you want to try NYX.
  • Morocco took my breath away when I looked at it online. This color is the hue of ink when I used fountain pen back when I was a kid. The color is purple-blue if it makes sense to you.
  • Oro reminds me a lot of Cash Flow paint pot as it is a dirty gold color. Very pretty to use on its own if you want a sheer wash of color.
I only bought 1 NYX chrome eyeshadow in Nymph to try since I have a lot of pigments already. The chrome eyeshadows are loose powder packed in square jars. Each jar is weighed 2 grams of very fine powder, much finer than MAC pigments. Nonpareil boutique sells them at $3.85 USD a piece, the same price as a single NYX eyeshadow. To be honest with you, I am not really impressed with the chrome eyeshadows and you need to read more to know why (yeah, I'm being cheeky!)
NYX Chrome Eye Shadow
Image from Style Junkie

The reason I'm not impressed with NYX chrome eyeshadow is this company has something cheaper and better! My heart belongs to NYX Ultra Pearl Mania because they are as shimmery as chrome eye shadows but only costs $2 USD (full price.) Nonpareil boutique put it on sale at $1.25 USD and it is a steal. In the past, Cherry Culture priced it at only 99 cents and I'm still kicking myself for not buying NYX sooner!

Here's how they look
Image courtesy of Cherry Culture blog

These pearl mania pigments are packed very tightly in bullet-size bottles. The reason I do not have pictures for them is I already pour the pigments out of the original containers to the pigment jars. They are very fine pigments with great color payoff. The amount is roughly about 1/2 of MAC pigment jar. I really love them and want to collect all of the pearl mania one day.

I can't review eyeshadows without a swatch, can I? Of course not! So here's a swatch for you:

From left to right:
  • first column: NYX chrome eyeshadow in Nymph (a gorgeous peach-bronze color), ultra pearl mania in Turquoise (I like!) and Purple (dupe of MAC Violet pigment)
  • second column: NYX eyeshadows in Morocco, Champagne, and Oro (looks more gold in real life)
  • third column: NYX trio in Copper-Rust-Bronze (swatched in that order as well)
  • fourth column: NYX trio in Perpetual (very Cult of Cherry, I'm telling ya!)
  • last column: NYX trio in Shangri-la, the most interesting trio of all time!
That's it for part 1. Stay tuned for part two where I review the lipsticks and lip liner.

Take care,
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  1. Oh yes, those are some pretty colors! They seem to do brights pretty well. I may have to try it out...Maybe.

  2. Hi Trisha,

    You need to check NYX out! I regret I waited so long for it. Their colors are really pigmented and blend well. I think they're the same as MAC or even better if you take the price into consideration.


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